Month: November 2010

Green Day Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong to Return to Broadway’s American Idiots!

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong is returning to the Broadway stage – he will take part in 50 upcoming performances of his punk rock musical American Idiot.
Armstrong will reprise the role of St. Jimmy in the show inspired by Green Day’s songs after original castmember Tony Vincent bows out on 30 December (10), producers announced on Tuesday (Nov 30).

The rocker – who composed and co-wrote the show – will kick off the New Year as a Broadway star, making appearances from 1 to 9 January (11), and again from 18 to 30 January and 10 to 27 February (11).

Armstrong made his Broadway debut in the show in September (10), winning over theatre critics and sending box office sales soaring above $1 million (£666,670) during his week-long run. The show, which debuted in the Big Apple last April (10), grossed $600,000 (£400,000) last week (ends26Nov10).

Source: TheaterMania

The Cast Of Glee To Share Historic Date With "Dirty Dancing"

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Tomorrow marks the historic day that the sudden pop culture resurgence of (I’VE HAD) THE TIME OF MY LIFE and all things DIRTY DANCING reaches a level of impact not seen since the low budget movie beat all odds to make pop culture history 23 years ago.
In an unusual – and perhaps unprecedented – industry coincidence, two new versions of the classic Oscar-winning theme to the 1987 box office smash romance will be released tomorrow on two of the holiday season’s most hotly anticipated new albums. “The Time (The Dirty Bit),” the new BLACK EYED PEAS hit single built around the unforgettable chorus of “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life,” will appear on the new Peas album, The Beginning. And the cast of GLEE will debut its new rendition of “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life,” on Glee: The Music, Volume 4. Dianna Agron (Quinn) and Chord Overstreet (Sam) are scheduled to performing a duet of “Time of My Life” on tomorrow night’s episode (8 p.m. EST, FOX).
All this activity comes a week to the day after DIRTY DANCING star Jennifer Grey’s amazing and courageous win on this season’s DANCING WITH THE STARS brought back the heart-tugging memories of her and Patrick Swayze dancing in the movie Grey later revealed to Good Morning America that she resisted “enormous pressure” to dance to “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life” on America’s most-watched TV show because the song holds too special of a place in her heart.
With “The Time (The Dirty Bit)” currently at No. 13 in Billboard and the enormous popularity of the previousGlee soundtracks, the two new albums are sure to fight it out near the top of the Billboard Top 200 chart. Both renditions of “Time of My Life” are exposing the song to an enormous new generation of fans, most of whom are too young to remember the original during its original ‘80s glory.
 Furthering the coincidence, FRANKE PREVITE and his “Time of My Life” co-writers are currently exposing the world to the original demo recording that Grey and Swayze danced to during the filming of the movie’s iconic final scene. Previte, an artist in his own right (‘80s hitmakers Franke and The Knockouts), was inspired to release and donate proceeds from the sale of his newly available DIRTY DANCING: THE ORIGINAL DEMOS CD to the Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund at Stanford after sharing his personal memories of the dancing duo during the making of the DIRTY DANCING “Keepsake Edition” DVD gift package. Lionsgate released the “Keepsake Edition” earlier this year to an audience that has been reminded of the movie for years by the well-known commercials for Sandals Resorts. Just last week, Sandals renewed the contract to continue using the song in their spots for years to come.
“Talk about being blessed,” says Previte. “When I wrote ‘Time of My Life’ I never expected anything like this 23 years later. But the song has new legs and it’s running again — maybe even faster than the first time. The next generation has spoken and I love it. Thanks to all. “
Amid all this incredible momentum – the most he’s seen surrounding the song since the film’s 1987 release – this week Previte will be celebrating the cultural rebirth of “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” by announcing a charity contest where fans can revel in their love for the movie and its trademark song by dancing to it themselves. DANCING WITH THE DEMOS welcomes fans to show their moves and record a video of themselves dancing to the original demo recording of “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life” in original and creative ways that stay true to the spirit of the film. The contest is designed to excite and engage all fans of the music and movie around the world while helping battle pancreas cancer in Patrick Swayze’s memory.
 Contestants will record a video of themselves dancing to Previte’s ORIGINAL DEMO RECORDING of “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life” and post it as a response to the video contest announcement. Winners will be chosen by Franke Previte for top prizes that include stays at the two resorts in North Carolina and Virginia that were the primary filming locations of “Dirty Dancing.”
Please join in with me this holiday season and make a difference,” says Previte. “The gift of giving always feels better when the cause is great. So when you purchase the ‘Dirty Dancing Demos,’ know that this is helping the Patrick Swayze cancer fund and ‘Dance, Dance, Dance!’ … And who knows? Maybe I’ll seeyou at one of these prize sites.”
Official rules will soon be posted at

Justin Timberlake Can See Himself Joining Saturday Night Live Regulars

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Justin Timberlake would jump at the chance to join the cast of hit U.S. comedy show Saturday Night Live – if only he could find time in his busy schedule.The pop star-turned-actor has become good pals with series regular Andy Samberg after hosting and starring in numerous sketches on the program.

And he admits he would love to put his music and movie careers to one side so he could join the comedy crew for a full season of the show, which is filmed in New York.

Timberlake tells USA Weekend, “I could totally see living here (in New York) for a season and doing it.”
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Elton John Fears Talent Shows Will "Damage" Contestants

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Sir Elton John has reignited his war of words with Simon Cowell by suggesting the music mogul’s TV talent shows can leave contestants with lasting “psychological damage”.

The music legend was linked to a role on the American Idol judging panel earlier this year (10), but he fiercely denied the rumours – branding singing contests “boring” and “brain crippling”.
Cowell responded by accusing the star of “missing the point” and insisting high profile artists feel “resentment” towards singers who make their name on his TV shows.
The Rocket Man has now waded into the debate once again, insisting programmes such as American Idol and The X Factor can harm competitors, as they are treated like “products” and “dumped” soon after finding fame.
He tells Britain’s Absolute Radio, “What’s the psychological damage going to be when you’ve humped and dumped them, and the next one comes along? “They’re a bit like products, to be honest with you. They’re products, and the record comes out at Christmas, and it’s always number one, and then what happens next year? Why aren’t they touring? Who’s managing these people? Why aren’t you building their career properly? That’s what worries me.
“You know, I don’t hate The X Factor. I hate what happens to people’s careers, because it’s not thought about properly.”

Bono, Ozzy Osborne and Elton John Reveal Playlists

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Bono, Ozzy Osborne and Sir Elton John are among 50 artists who have detailed their favourite iPod playlists for a special issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

Bono chose 15 David Bowie tracks, Ozzy loves listening to The Beatles, Johnson picked reggae great Bob Marley and Elton’s playlist is dubbed New Pop Classics and features songs by Eminem, Amy Winehouse, Bob Dylan and The Shins.
Rod Stewart, Keith Richards, Sheryl Crow, Chris Martin and Kanye West also took part in the Playlist issue.
Coldplay star Martin selected 10 tracks from the 1980s, including songs by A-ha, Kate Bush, U2, Neneh Cherry and Michael Jackson.
Of A-Ha’s 1985 song Hunting High & Low, the pop star says, “It has the best use of seagull sounds of any track I can think of.”
Biography: Bono

Yoko Ono Picks Top Lennon Tunes

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Yoko Ono has selected her 10 favourite JOHN LENNON tunes for Rolling Stone magazine’s new Playlist issue.

Marking the 30th anniversary of the late Beatle’s death on 8 December (10), Ono has picked tracks including God, Mother, Imagine and Grow Old With Me.
But her top selection is her late husband’s 1971 tune Oh My Love.
Ono also singles out Gimme Some Truth, Give Peace a Chance, Scared, Jealous Guy and I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier.

Double Fantasy Stripped Down [New Mix + Original Recording Remastered]

Jared Leto’s Latest 30 Seconds To Mars Music Video Has Been Banned From U.S. TV

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Jared Leto‘s latest 30 Seconds To Mars  music video has been banned from U.S. TV after censors deemed it too explicit to broadcast.

The 20-minute promo for Hurricane, which Leto recently described as “a meditation on the violence of sex and the sex of violence”, has caused a stir among TV executives in the U.S.
In a posting on his website on Sunday (Nov 28), the frontman listed a series of broadcasting issues he received from network bosses regarding sexually explicit bondage shots and violent fight scenes.

And he revealed he’s working on a “creative” editing solution to ensure the video can at least secure a “Post 10 PM” time slot.

Leto continues: “Here is one letter out of several we received about the inability for networks to broadcast HURRICANE as is. I am looking to find a creative solution that works for all.” But guitarist Tomo Milicevic has vowed to make the clip available for fans to see online in its original, full-length format.

He tells, “The internet is still restriction-free – the Hurricane film will be seen.”

Sandra Bullock, Justin Bieber, Betty White Land On Fascinating People List

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Sandra Bullock, Justin Bieber and Betty White have landed on one of America’s most important end-of-year countdowns – broadcaster Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People list.

They join basketball star LeBron James, U.S. politician Sarah Palin, new American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez and the cast of U.S. reality TV series Jersey Shore on the list.

Kate Middleton, whose engagement to British royal Prince William was announced earlier this month (Nov10), also made the cut.

Walters’ pick for the Most Fascinating Person of the Year will be revealed when her annual chat show special airs on 9 December (10).

Last year (09), U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama landed in the top spot.

Jason Priestley Directs Luke Perry In "Goodnight For Justice" 1/29 On Hallmark Movie Channel

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Photo: Courtesy of Hallmark

“90210” alum Luke Perry (“A Fine Step,” “A Gunfighter’s Pledge”) and Jason Priestley (“Call Me Fitz,” “Expecting A Miracle”) reunite in the making of the Hallmark Movie Channel Original Film, “Goodnight For Justice,” which is slated to premiere on the network, Saturday, January 29 (8 p.m. ET/PT, 7C). Luke Perry is Executive Producer and lead star of the film whose character Judge John Goodnight, a Circuit Judge, renders justice with a perfect persuasion of eloquence and deadly aim. Jason Priestley reunites with his friend of many years to direct the film, whose main character, Judge Goodnight was created by Perry.

In a stagecoach, a young boy creates an eidetic memory of his childhood, each sight and sound of all the days of his life recalled with stunning accuracy: Waiting outside a General Store; a candy barrel filled with peppermints; his mother and father, defeated, but still proud, hold hands as they talk about giving up the hardscrabble land they tried to call home and the excitement of new beginnings back East; an eloquent Circuit Judge, Aldous Shaw, and his elegantly-dressed wife offer solace to the Goodnight family; the judge’s six-gun and rich leather holster gleam in the sun; the slow hum of good conversation mixed with hoofbeats; out of nowhere, noise, confusion, a brilliant flash; six masked outlaws surround the coach; gunfire explodes without cessation; horses flail; Judge Shaw is felled by a pearl-handled knife; carriage overturns with deadly force; bullets fly; all are lost, except the boy and the Judge’s wife who will become his surrogate mother.

The boy who hid in weeds to save his own life is now a man who walks with grandeur and purpose. He is, a Circuit Judge, hell-bent on justice.

“Goodnight for Justice” is an Entertainment One Production in association with Randolph Films. John Morayniss, Ira Pincus and Luke Perry are Executive Producers. Producer is Randy Cheveldave and Supervising Producer is Tashi Bieler. Jason Priestley directs from a script by Neal and Tippi Dobrofsky.

‘Harry Potter’ Brushes Past ‘Tangled’ Over Thanksgiving Weekend

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Photo: Courtesy Warner Brothers

As people across the country recover from their Thanksgiving turkey comas, it’s clear that moviegoers remained energetic throughout the five-day holiday box-office weekend. Thanks to the combined efforts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1″ and “Tangled,” this past weekend was the second-highest-grossing Thanksgiving period on record, second only to last year when “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” and “The Blind Side” battled it out.

“Harry Potter” led the charge, soaring away from the five-day weekend with $76.3 million in its pocket, $50.4 million of which was made during the standard Friday-through-Sunday timeframe. The seventh installment in the beloved novel-turned-film series has earned $220.4 million after two weekends in theaters, an impressive result that’s bound to get shattered when the second half of “Deathly Hallows” arrives next summer. Read more>>
Source: MTV News