People Magazine & The Mac Wire Pay Tribute To Monkees Star Davy Jones

By Anne M. Raso, MAC WIRE Contributing Editor

The new issue of People is on newsstands now and it rightfully serves up a multipage tribute to Davy Jones, who sadly passed away from a heart attack on February 29th–leave it to a unusual, funny and sweet guy like Davy to pass away on Leap Day. Somewhere in pop star heaven, he’s undoubtedly laughing about that now! We think that if he could pick a day to meet his maker, it most definitely be February 29th–we are sure he would not have wanted to go so soon though, as he enjoyed his family and his horses so much, and had homes in both Beaverton, PA and Hollywood, FL.

Here at The Mac Wire, we’ve had many dealings and almost-dealings with Davy, including the most memorable occasion–we hung out with Davy for over an hour at his BB King’s sound check in early October 2009, and got to know both him and his third wife, Telemundo star and professional dancer Jessica Pacheco, who would sometimes be incorporated into Davy’s show.  We laughed a lot–Davy was very candid and not afraid to parody others in a loving way–and when Jessica admired the multicolor glass ring I was wearing, I gave it to her (although I am sure it was too big). I had tons of them at the time, as they were very trendy and they cost all of $2 each. Jessica admitted to us she was the jealous type and worried that getting involved with Davy meant women would be throwing themselves at him all the time. They probably were, but to the best of our knowledge, he was a one-woman man even back in the Monkees heydey. He also did a Chillerfest in NJ around that same time–it was great that he was always open to doing the fan conventions–and we popped in for a quick hello in between signings.

Back in 1984, we got to hang out with Davy and his then-wife Anita–who did his hair and makeup–on the set of the Uncle Floyd Show in Newark, NH. Their adorable daughter Talia, then 2 1/2, was in tow clamoring at her mom’s feet. I was associate editor of Tiger Beat magazine at the time, and he did not seem amused that I bought him binders of magazines with him on the cover from the Monkees heydey. He looked at them rather sadly and I was disappointed because I thought he would be happy to have them as keepsakes or at least be flattered that they kept a copy of every mag he was on the cover on at the office all these years!

It was also a blast to see Davy in The Monkees reunion when it came through Brighton Beach (near Coney Island) last year. The guys were in top form and the memorabilia including old magazine covers shown on the big screen behind them was a real blast from the past. Much of it seemed rare and never-before-seen. My Mac Wire editor, Mary Anne Cassata, also caught the show the guys did at the Beacon Theater shortly before then, and got to say hi to Peter afterwards. She was pleasantly surprised to seeing the guys doing a meet and greet with fans in the corridors after that performance.

The Mac Wire was approached last year to do an interview with Davy by his manager that never came to pass and then we also tried for one before his show at BB King’s in late February of this year. They said Davy was pressed for time because he had to leave for a show in Oklahoma and was coming from one the night before that was 260 miles away in upstate New York. It was disappointing, but Davy spoke to me from the stage that night when I came down directly in front of him and crouched down for a quick photo. He joked, “I’m calling the police!” I guess he said that because he thought I was a sniper or you are not supposed to use a flash in that particular club. I wish I could remember the middle part of the convo, but it ended with Davy telling me to “put a drink on the keyboardist’s tab.” I said, “I’ll do that” and gave him the thumbs up! The audience laughed as I walked away and the show went on. I am still hoping to find that on YouTube somewhere, hoping that someone filmed that whole show. After the performance, about 75 fans lined up with albums by the backstage curtain at Stage Right…they were shushed away by security within ten minutes as Davy really did have to take off for Oklahoma that day. He was already gone when we stuck our head back there and asked if the club’s publicist Lauren Sachs of Big Machine Media was there so that we could say a quick hello!

Davy Jones’ death really seemed to have touched a cord with not only his millions of fans around the world, but with the pop scene in general. He was voted as the #1 teen idol of all time in many magazine and online polls, and his death seems to have finally made people realize just how important The Monkees were to the music community even though they were a “prefab” band. The one good thing about Davy’s passing is that people will look at The Monkees with new eyes–and we think that they might finally get the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame nod. It’s so darn overdue!


(Live photo of Davy Jones at BB King’s Times Square 2-12 by Anne Raso; photo of Anne Raso and Davy Jones at BB King’s 10-09 by Jessica Pachuco-Jones and People Magazine cover is a courtesy shot.)


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