Demi Lovato Opens Up About Cutting Herself

As we’ve seen Demi Lovato look bright, blonde and bubbly judging X Factor, it looks like her career and life is completely stitched up… But now she’s opening up about some old wounds.

Demi tells Self Magazine why she used to cut herself before entering treatment in 2010… She admits she used to feel so anxious, almost like she was crawling out her skin, that she needed to do something physical to match that.

She says she didn’t care what happened when she cut herself, and had no fear…

Considering she’s back on tour, hosting the upcoming Teen Choice Awards, and on this judges panel… Looks like she has nothing to be anxious about anymore…

But Demi says she still has to work towards happiness and deal with her eating disorder, self-harming and bi-polar issues everyday.


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