Month: October 2012

Eye To Eye With Graham Nash In New York

If you were not lucky enough to catch Graham Nash’s recent photography and art show (simply titled “The Art Of Graham Nash” at NYC’s ACA Galleries, his people tell us that more shows (and art signings/receptions) will be coming up. We were lucky enough to go to the reception for Nash’s show and have to say it’s the most interesting art and photography show we’ve even caught by a veteran rock star. Even Susan Sarandon turned up for the opening and seemed blown away by whats she saw. 

We were lucky enough to chat with Nash at his reception, although it was more about the unpredictable New York weather and his huge winning streak on Rock And Roll Jeopardy back in the day than about his art. (He admitted about Rock And Roll Jeopardy with a smile on his face: “I couldn’t stop winning!” Indeed, he wound up raising tens of thousands of dollars for his favorite charities on that much-missed VH1 show where his only rival in rock and roll knowledge was Mark McGrath.)

Nash with legendary New York publicist Liz Derringer (left) and friend at the ACA Galleries reception in his honor.
The photography features not only celebs (there are a lot of shots of best friend David Crosby but none of Stephen Stills, in case you’re curious) but moving, very gritty black and white multi-media collages on historical subject matters like Civil Rights in the South circa the 50s and 60s and the Viet Nam War. There are also a few acrylic pop art pieces that are plays on vintage advertising as well.

Nash with’s good friend, freelance journalist Gail Worley (be sure to visit
Our favorite items presently touring the art galleries are Nash’s self-portrait “mirror pics” (that’s what we call them anyway). Apparently, the singer-songwriter started this series of photos way back in 1969 because the earliest photo in the recent collection was taken in a round mirror in a hotel room way back in CS&N’s early days of touring. Skip to the five current mirror pics that were on display at the ACA Galleries in October–and you will see that Nash used the same portable round mirror to obtain similar results although he used different restrooms in the 2011 and 2012 pics!
One of Nash’s fabulous self-portraits.
There are some deeply personal photos here including a nude one taken of his wife Susan when she was pregnant back in 1979 and the night in 1997 that CS&N was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame at NYC’s Waldorf Astoria. Some of Nash’s deepest roots are traced in photos of his return visits to Manchester UK where he grew up, and there are also some pastel portraits of some of his favorite musicians including one of Al Kooper (where he oddly looks like Keith Richards thanks to the beard stubble and stoned expression). There are a couple of nice watercolor self-portraits thrown into the mix.
One of the famous “mirror shots” by Nash, circa 2011.
We here at the MAC WIRE look forward to Nash’s next exhibit in New York (we’re hoping it will be in the new year) and in the meantime, we’ll be looking at his official website ( for updates on both his art and music, as well as checking out Eye To Eye, the coffee table book he co-authored with Garrett White, that features a lot of the pieces just discussed. The book can be ordered from amazon. com as well as Nash’s website. We’re also looking forward to Nash’s autobiography currently being penned with noted Beatles biographer Mark Spitz.–Anne M. Raso
A pastel drawing of David Crosby in younger days.
(All photos by Anne Raso except publicity shot at top courtesy Michael Jensen Communications.)

MADAME MAYHEM: Music, Mayhem…And A Guy Named Mark!

Madame Mayhem performs to an enthusiastic crowd at the Cutting Room during her White Noise debut CD launch party last Saturday (photo by Anne Raso).

I was recently introduced to no-holds-barred-belter Madame Mayhem by her publicist, the legendary Liz Derringer, and was invited to her recent debut album launch party at midtown Manhattan’s Cutting Room this past Saturday night–which also served as a well-attended fundraiser for Musicians On Call.

Madame (who is shy about giving out her real name) is a New York native who was a “top camper” at Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp in LA–so uniquely talented, in fact, that super-counselor Mark Hudson (best known for his production work with Ringo Starr, and as co-writer of the Grammy-winning Aersosmith song “Livin’ On The Edge”) took her under his wing and got “a little help from his friends.” Her debut album White Noise is star-studded and many of those musicians have been creating a buzz on this Lady In Black all over the industry.

Moyer and Hudson–both performed with Madame Mayhem during her 90 minute set at the Cutting Room (photo  by Anne Raso).

Madame Mayhem’s sound if straight ahead hard rock–something sorely missing from the scene right now (I didn’t have to tell you that!). Hudson not only produced and mentored Ms. Mayhem, but got the likes of Disturbed and Adrenaline Mob bassist John Moyer, former Quiet Riot/current Blue Oyster Cult bassist/Rock Camp counselor Rudy Sarzo and legendary axeman Earl Slick to play on her debut disc, White Noise (on HeadBall Records) which went on sale on Tuesday, October 30.

L to R: Madame Mayhem with Adrenaline Mob guitarist Mike Orlando, producer Mark Hudson and Disturbed/Adrenaline Mob bassist John Moyer (photo by Anne Raso).

I have sat in on a few of Hudson’s Rock Camp classes but was not at the LA Rock Camp attended by Mayhem. Hudson is a favored counselor not only because of his years in the business and the good advice he doles out to his campers, but because he always seems to be enjoying himself but because he seems to have something to offer to every musical level of camper, from shaky tambourine players to guitar players who give Jimmy Page a run for his money. To the best of my knowledge, Mayhem is the only Rock Camp act he has personally been knocked out enough by to produce and bring up through the ranks of the fickle music business.  Now, that’s really saying something for her talents!

Madame Mayhem’s debut CD White Noise will rock you like…Hurricane Sandy and a big bag of Halloween candy combined. (Photo courtesy of HeadBall Records.)

Mayhem’s record release party included a fantastic 90 minute set which included the fantastic Matty Amendola on the skins (one of the NYC area’s “young Turks” in the Skins Department) and Mark Hudson and John Moyer sitting in for a few tunes–Hudson sang his self-penned “Livin’ On The Edge” and Moyer actually performed on the track he did for the White Noise album, “Dead Will Rise.” The only disappointment of the evening was that several superstars who played on White Noise were not able to attend the opening due to inclement weather–and they included former Cars guitar slinger Elliot Easton, and the aforementioned Sarzo and Slick. I was happy to meet John Moyer’s bandmate, axeman Mike Orlando at the Madame Mayhem CD launch party, although he did not sit in on the set like Moyer did.

This enthusiastic Madame Mayhem fan was thrilled to get his White Noise CD signed by Moyer, Hudson and Mayhem–rumor has it that he is now trying to grow a multi-colored beard like Hudson’s, getting his hair braided like Moyers and is sporting the spiky cuff bracelets that Mayhem has helped popularize recently, LOL (photo by Anne Raso).

For more info on Madame Mayhem, visit her official site, Also be sure to like her official Facebook page, Her Twitter handle is @mayhemofficial. The White Noise album can be purchased for only $8.99 on Rock on, Madame!–Anne M. Raso

Green Day Axe Upcoming Tour Dates

Green Day have canceled the remainder of their 2012 appearances and postponed their 2013 tour to allow frontman Billie Joe Armstrong to deal with his personal problems following his stint in rehab.

The singer checked into a treatment facility for substance abuse last month following an onstage breakdown at the iHeart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas.

The American Idiot hit-makers pulled out of appearing at this weekend’s Voodoo Music + Arts Experience festival in New Orleans, Louisiana, and now they have announced they are scrapping all of their upcoming shows so Armstrong can focus on his recovery.

A post on the band’s website reads, “Green Day announced today they will cancel their club tour that was due to launch in Seattle at the Paramount Theatre on September 26th and wind down… on December 10th. Tickets for these clubs shows will be refunded at point of purchase.

“Additionally, Green Day will postpone all scheduled appearances for the months of January and February 2013. New dates for these rescheduled shows will be announced shortly and previously purchased tickets will be honored on the new dates.”

Bassist Mike Dirnt says, “Obviously the timing for this isn’t ideal, but Billie Joe’s wellbeing is our main concern. We are happy to say that Billie Joe is doing well, and we want to thank you all for the outpouring of support and well wishes that we have received, and we can’t wait to see you all again soon.”

Nonetheless, to appease fans, the band is now bringing forward the release date of its upcoming album ¡Tre!.

Drummer Tre Cool adds, “We feel bad we have to delay our tour, so to make up for it we want to give our fans the music earlier than we had planned. If we couldn’t be there to play it for you live, the least we could do was give you the next best thing.”

The album will now hit shelves on December 11th, instead of January 15th.

Bon Jovi Cuts Ticket Prices For UK Fans

Bon Jovi cuts ticket prices for U.K. fans

Bon Jovi is offering fans the chance to see them in concert for just $20.

The Livin’ on a Prayer hitmakers are so angry rock fans are often forced to spend hundreds of dollars to see their favorite bands, they have introduced cut-price tickets to their Because We Can Tour next year.

Rob Hallett, Bon Jovi’s U.K. tour promoter from AEG Live, tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, “I was delighted when they came to me insisting on ticket prices for the Because We Can Tour next year that enabled all to attend.”

“If we are to survive as an industry we need to move away from the elitist image of high prices and even higher secondary prices. After all, rock and roll always was and always should be the music of the people and that means everyone.”

Miley Cyrus is Honey Boo Boo’s Biggest Fan!

Miley Cyrus installed subwoofers in her house in order to watch one of her favorite TV shows loud and clear: “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.”

The pop star told Chelsea Handler, “Since you saw me last, I put in a home theater in my house and then it wasn’t quite loud enough, so we got subwoofers. So, I can really her it extra loud. So when I hear her say ‘holla for a dolla,’ it’s like the whole house shakes.”

It’s not exactly a surprise that Cyrus likes the redneck antics on “Honey Boo Boo.” Cyrus was born in Nashville, Tennessee and is familiar with the southern way. Her fiance Liam Hemsworth, however, doesn’t watch the show with her.

“I just sit in the cinema and like, watch it,” Cyrus admitted.

The actress appeared as a guest star on “Two And A Half Men” on Thursday night playing a very talkative character. Handler asked her if she was channeling Honey Boo Boo, and she said, “Yeah, basically.”

Police Called To Tom Cruise’s Home

Police were called to Tom Cruise’s Los Angeles home over the weekend after a member of the actor’s security team spotted an intruder on the grounds.

A guard saw a man “climbing a fence to gain access to the property” and he used a stun gun to detain him as police raced to the scene.

The Associated Press reports a 41-year-old man, who lives in an adjacent property, was treated at a nearby hospital before being taken into custody for trespassing.

Cruise was not at the home in Beverly Hills when the drama occurred.

Police say the man was intoxicated at the time of the incident and that “he may haev confused himself and entered the wrong property.”

Ashley Greene: "Dating is Hard"

Ashley Greene has opened up about her love life, claiming that it’s tough to find a boyfriend when you’re famous.
The Twilight star, who split from Joe Jonas last year, said most men used her to find fame themselves.
Speaking to British GQ magazine, the actress said that the guys often tell her they don’t want to be in the press, only to suggest that they go out to a place with paparazzi.
The 25-year-old admitted that sometimes she wishes she could go back to Florida ‘and date my home-town boyfriend’.
Ashley also opened up about how “frustrating” she finds the media speculation about who she is dating, particularly when she visits her brother’s home or is with a “mystery man”.

Michael Jackson Loses Dead Earners Top Spot Posted on: October 26, 2012 By: splash In: News

Michael Jackson is no longer the highest earning dead celebrity.

But which famous person could possibly have pulled ahead of the king of pop? According to Forbes, Jacko’s estate earned a staggering 145 million dollars. However it’s the Queen of Class who has risen to the top spot.

Elizabeth Taylor is now first in the annual list, and her posthumous pennies amounted to a colossal 210 million dollars.

Apparently the huge bump in money arrived when her jewelry was auctioned plus sales of her perfume White Diamonds alone scooped 75 million dollars.

Meatloaf’s Weird Improv At Romney Gala

Meat Loaf became a bit of a “meat laugh” after a video surfaced of him massacring “America The Beautiful” with an improvisation that turned Mitt Romney’s Ohio Gala into an ear bashing.

The singer turned actor turned reality TV star was one of a few names up on stage to celebrate and encourage Presidential candidate Governor Romney as he attempts to take office in November.

Selena Gomez Fake Dates Justin Bieber For Her Image?

Apparently kissing and dating for ages is just not viable proof these days because a source told radaronline that their relationship isn’t the fairytale romance they’d like their fans to believe it is.

Does that mean they even argue sometimes? You know, like normal couples.

Well apparently yes they do and almost break up regularly. However Selena’s camp keep urging her to make it work.

The source added that it’s a one-way street and whereas Justin’s heart is firmly with his first true love, Selena is riding out the relationship, as it’s good for her image.

Yes it turns out that Wizards of Waverly Place and Spring Breakers might not be good enough to maintain uber celeb status alone.

But if Justin were to lose his popularity, he’d supposedly be dumped immediately.