Month: March 2013

Ryan Gosling And Mila Kunis Top Fans’ Sexual Fantasies Poll

Ryan Gosling and Mila Kunis have topped a new poll to find the stars fans most want to have sex with.

The Notebook hunk scored 50 per cent of the vote from readers, while Zac Efron and Adam Levine came in second and third place, respectively. Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper rounded out the top five.

Meanwhile, Ted beauty Kunis was the leading lady in fans’ sexual fantasies with 41 per cent of the vote, followed by Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton, Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba and Megan Fox.


Madonna’s Homeless Brother Lashes Out At Superstar Sister

Madonna’s homeless brother has lashed out at the superstar for allegedly turning her back on him, insisting his famous sister doesn’t care if he is “dead or alive”.

The Vogue hitmaker’s elder brother Anthony Ciccone has been living on the streets of Traverse City, Michigan for almost three years after losing his job at the family’s vineyard.

Madonna previously tried to help her sibling with his alcohol battle by paying for him to attend a rehab clinic in Texas eight years ago, but the treatment was unsuccessful and reports suggest Ciccone recently spent a month in jail for public intoxication and swearing in front of children.

Hitting out at his superstar sibling, whose net worth was this week estimated at $1 billion, Ciccone tells the, “Madonna doesn’t give a s**t if I’m dead or alive. She lives in her own world. I never loved her in the first place, she never loved me. We never loved each other.

“(I am in this position because I had) no family back-up, when the chips fell, no family back-up. I’d rather be working. What would you do under these circumstance when your family has stood against you completely?”

But Kathy Mateyer, a close friend of the family who works in the vineyard’s winetasting room, claims both Madonna and her father Tony have tried to reach out to her brother several times – to no avail.

She tells the publication, “They have helped him so many times. Tony has put him through rehab and given him lots of chances. I think Madonna paid for rehab a few times.”

Jim Carrey Says Fox News Slandered Him in its Coverage of His Comedy Web Video

Jim Carrey says Fox News slandered him in its coverage of his comedy web video. Comedian Jim Carrey attacked Fox News on Friday, claiming the network had slandered him in its coverage of his web video “Cold Dead Hand,” which was released on the comedy site Funny or Die.

The “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” star said he would have sued Fox News “if I felt they were worth my time or that anyone with a brain in their head could actually fall for such irresponsible buffoonery.”

In the video, Carrey plays a country singer on the popular 1970s show “Hee Haw,” as well as former Oscar-winner and NRA president Charlton Heston, who shoots his own foot off at the end of the video.

Carrey, 51, said his video was made to spotlight his “stand against large magazines and assault rifles.”

Calling Fox News “Fux News” in the press release sent out by his publicist, the “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls” star also labeled the number one cable news channel “a media Colostomy bag.”

Stephen Baldwin Pleads Guilty To Tax Invasion

Actor Stephen Baldwin has pleaded guilty to tax evasion.

The Usual Suspects star was arrested in New York in December amid charges he owed $350,000 in back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service for the years 2008, 2009, and 2010.

Baldwin recently reached an agreement with prosecutors to avoid jail time, and on Friday he entered his plea at the Rockland County Court and agreed to pay the outstanding sum, as well as $50,000 in interest and penalties.

According to the judge, the actor has already paid $100,000 in restitution and if he settles the remaining sum in one year, his record will be wiped clean, reports the Associated Press.

Rockers ‘Kiss’ Developing ‘Hello Kitty’ Children’s Show

Rockers Kiss are going family-friendly – they are teaming up with TV bosses for a new Hello Kitty children’s series.
The band first collaborated with the makers of the fictional cat character in 2010 to launch a range of products, including toys and electronics, entitled KISS x Hello Kitty – and now the partnership is moving to the small screen.
Executives at cable network The Hub have optioned the rights to a new series, which has the working title of Kiss Hello Kitty, and singer Gene Simmons is thrilled about the venture.
He says, “The Hub Network is the perfect home for the TV show, Kiss Hello Kitty. We are incredibly excited about this opportunity and want to make all our millions of fans worldwide proud of a show they can watch with the whole family.”
Bandmate Paul Stanley adds, “Knowing and viewing The Hub as I do daily with my three children, it is the perfect home for us to bring the KISS Hello Kitty juggernaut to yet another generation. I’m excited to develop this project with The Hub as it ensures it will have family appeal while keeping its brash and nurturing individuation.”
The TV show, which Simmons is slated to executive produce, will reportedly feature four of the characters living their rock ‘n’ roll dreams.

Lindsay Lohan Photographed Slumped Under Nightclub Table

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has been photographed sprawled under a table in a nightclub just hours after arriving in Brazil.

The Mean Girls actress jetted to the South American country on Wednesday as part of a deal to help promote a Brazilian clothing label.

She is due to begin a 90-day stint in a lockdown rehab center in the U.S. to address her issues as punishment for lying to police over a car crash in California last year, but she enjoyed a wild night out in Sao Paulo shortly after landing in Brazil.

An image obtained by editors at depicts a sweaty-faced Lohan slumped underneath a table in a nightclub while wearing designer heels and a short black dress.

A report on a local website alleges the actress was hiding from onlookers after being besieged by fans wanting to take photos with her.

Zooey Deschanel Interested In Buying Black Dahlia Murder Home

Actress Zooey Deschanel has shown interest in purchasing Los Angeles’ historic John Sowden House — where the infamous Black Dahlia murder took place in 1947.

The New Girl star and her boyfriend, Dear John screenwriter Jamie Linden, were pictured visiting the listed Los Feliz property with a realtor on Wednesday — and were given a thorough tour of the home where Dr. George Hodel allegedly tortured and killed 22-year-old Elizabeth Short, aka the Black Dahlia, in January 1947.

Photographer Jonzen Cousart tells WENN, “They were probably there for a good hour-and-a-half… It seemed like they were definitely looking to buy it.”

The stunning five-bedroom property, built by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1926 and featuring a breath-taking Mayan-style facade, was placed on the market for $4.89 million in February.

The recognizable mansion, listed in the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, has previously featured in Martin Scorsese’s 2004 movie The Aviator and was used as the residence of Timothy Dalton’s character Neville Sinclair in 1991 film The Rocketeer.

The Black Dahlia crime remains one of the oldest unsolved murder cases in Los Angeles history.

Justin Bieber Visits Selena Gomez At Her LA House

It seems Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may not be done for good. The on-and-off couple met at Gomez’s Los Angeles home on Wednesday around 3:30 p.m. for a brief visit. Bieber left after about an hour.

“Justin Bieber visited Selena Gomez at her house this afternoon,” a witness tells Us Weekly magazine.

Bieber, 19, was accompanied by his driver and security guards. His team waited outside Gomez’s home.

Neither Bieber nor Gomez has commented. An insider recently told People magazine that Gomez, 20, is gradually becoming “more comfortable” with not being with Bieber.

“She’s becoming more and more comfortable with her decision,” the source said. “But she doesn’t like hearing the negative stuff. It saddens her. She wants the best for him. But every day she is more and more comfortable with her decision.”

In a recent appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, the Spring Breakers star joked about the breakup.

“Last time you were here, you were with a Justin Bieber,” said Letterman. “That’s not going on now.”

“No, I’m single. I’m so good,” Gomez replied.

“Now, the last time he was on, he and I got into a conversation and he said something and I said something, and then he said something and I said something, and I made him cry,” Letterman said.

“Well, that makes two of us!” Gomez joked.

Demi Lovato Will Be Back For Another X Factor Season

Simon Cowell may find her “really, really annoying” sometimes, but Demi Lovato will be joining him for another season of The X Factor. Lovato announced Thursday she will be returning to the judge’s table for the third season.

“I am so excited to return as a judge and mentor on The X Factor. Last season was an unbelievable experience and I really enjoyed developing personal relationships with the contestants and the panel. I look forward to taking my previous experience and applying it to make this season even better!” Lovato said in a statement.

Cowell says he “couldn’t be happier” with her decision. “She’s a superstar in her own right and was a fantastic mentor last year. Even though she can be really, really annoying – I truly enjoyed working with her and so did the artists,” says the entertainment mogul.

Lovato, 20, and pop star Britney Spears joined Cowell and L.A. Reid for season 2 following the departure of season 1 judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger. In December, Reid announced he would be leaving the show to concentrate on running Epic Records. Spears announced her departure in January.

“I’ve made the very difficult decision not to return for another season. I had an incredible time doing the show and I love the other judges and I am so proud of my teens, but it’s time for me to get back in the studio,” she said in a statement. “Watching them all do their thing up on that stage every week made me miss performing so much! I can’t wait to get back out there and do what I love most.”

Interview: Justin Timberlake Talks The 20/20 Experience

Today Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience debuted selling 968,000 records, and last week JT hit the TV hard with performances and comedy on SNL and a week on Jimmy Fallon – but so far Justin Timberlake has not revealed details of what the hell is going on in that handsome musical head of his…

Until Now! Myspace cornered JT at their SXSW Secret Show event and forced some candid responses out of him. Read how he wants to “fry everybody’s face off”with his songs; how he compares his Jay-Z tour to Billy Joel and Elton John; how he thinks it would be sacrilegious to compare anybody to Radiohead; how critics and radio programmers laughed him off upon release ofFutureSex/LoveSounds; how Jay-Z wanted to take his song; and how he feels if he and Timbaland actually had rhyme or reason to what they were doing “it would f**k it all up.” And what did he say about tripping at Coachella!?

A few choice teasers…

I want people to close their eyes and listen to this album. WHY JUSTIN?

We started messing around with the track, and then Jay came in and was like, What is this?” So I was like, well, do a verse! And then…THEN WHAT, JUSTIN?


We start messing around with stuff and like, sometimes he’ll come in the studio and he’ll leave his keyboard on and I’m banging out a beat on his keyboard, and he’s like…HE’S LIKE WHAT, JUSTIN?


I just think that anytime you put out something different, it’s polarizing. And polarizing is…IS WHAT JUSTIN?

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