Hey, Hey, Monkees Convention Was Huge Success,

This past weekend’s Davy T. Jones Memorial Convention brought out many tributes to and emotional memories of the late singer, co-organizer Charles Rosenay said in a phone interview late Sunday shortly after the convention ended.

One of the highlights, he said, was a heartfelt tribute by singer David Cassidy, who was very emotional and talked about about 30 minutes about how much he loved Davy. The convention also served as the first meeting for Monkee Peter Tork and Cassidy, who had not met previously.

He said both Tork, who was bearing a cane because of some recent arthroscopic knee surgery, and fellow Monkee Micky Dolenz spent the entire weekend hanging out at the convention, mingling with fans and performing. He said the fans were very courteous to the Monkees and allowed them to move through the convention respectfully. Dolenz announced that his recent live show at B.B. King’s would be coming out on CD and possibly on DVD.

For more info, check out our friends at Monkees.net

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