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Rod Stewart and VEVO have partnered to share Rod’s very rare and intimate free concert performed for fans this past Thursday at legendary Troubadour in Los Angeles. The special concert in support of the release of his brand new album ‘Time’ is available to stream now on VEVO and YouTube at: and

To celebrate the release of ‘Time”, Rod gave 300 lucky fans a very up-close and personal concert where he performed 6 new songs from ‘Time’ and 4 classics (full set list below). The concert can be viewed globally in countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil,Spain and Italy.

The Hollywood Reporter advises “Check it out and you’ll note that Stewart’s pipes remain in fine form. His raspy, soulful voice never wavered during this too-brief 50-minute set (his first gig ever at the Troubadour), which featured six heartfelt songs from the new record as well as the Stewart staples “Forever Young,” “Rhythm of My Heart,” “You Wear It Well” and “Have I Told You Lately.”’

Billboard raved “Rob Stewart Thrills at L.A. Club Show” and “Stewart’s signature smoky rasp has always been one of popular music’s great wonders, but on these new songs it displayed a richness that seemed commensurate with his emotional investment in them.”

‘Time’ marks Stewart’s long-awaited return to his songwriting roots and features 11 new songs which he wrote and produced. The album is Stewart’s 28th studio album and will be released May 7 in the U.S. and Canada. Rod Stewart has a busy release week lined up with confirmed appearances on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on May 6th, “The Voice” on May 8th, “Good Morning America” on May 9th, and “Live With Kelly & Michael” and “Katie” on May 11th. Rod will also appear on “Entertainment Tonight” throughout the week and will visit The Howard Stern show on May 13th.

Troubadour Set List:

Can’t Stop Me Now
Forever Young
It’s Over
Rhythm Of My Heart
Finest Woman
Wear It Well
She Makes Me Happy
Have I Told You Lately
Brighton Beach
Sexual Religion


Elton John Calls Truce With Madonna

Sir Elton John has said that his nearly decade-long war of words with Madonna has come to an end.

The pair has been exchanging insults since 2004, when John, 66, accused Madonna of lip-syncing in her live concerts.

Even the 54-year-old’s husband David Furnish criticised her directing career, declaring that “she should stick to what she’s good at,” during last year’s Golden Globes ceremony,

But relations apparently hit rock bottom last August when Sir Elton told an Australian TV channel that Madonna “looks like a fairground stripper” and said that “her career is over – she’s such a nightmare”.

Earlier, John claimed that his comments were intended to be off the record, so when the feuding pop stars coincidentally dined at the same restaurant in France, a few days later, he felt obliged to apologise.

Now, he has told US television show Extra that he sent over a note as the Queen of Pop came to the restaurant.

John said that Madonna was very gracious and he apologised profusely because what he said should never have appeared in public.

“She accepted our apology and then we bought her dinner. She was really great about it. I was very relieved because she had every right to say ‘I don’t want to talk’,” he said.

A few days later Madonna dedicated a song to him at a concert in Nice.

Monkees Announce 2013 Full Tour Dates!

The Monkees are returning to the road in July for a 24-date American tour they are dubbing “A Midsummer’s Night With the Monkees.” As was the case on their reunion tour in late 2012, it will feature surviving members Michael Nesmith, Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork. “The reaction to the last tour was euphoric,” Micky Dolenz tells Rolling Stone. “It was pretty apparent there was a demand for another one.”

The show will present the Monkees’ songs in chronological order, utilizing archival video and photographs to tell their story. The evening begins with early hits like “Last Train to Clarksville” and “I’m a Believer” before focusing on their 1967 LP Headquarters and then wrapping up with material from their final albums, such as “Pleasant Valley Sunday” and “Listen to the Band.”

Last year’s Monkees tour marked the group’s first American concerts with Michael Nesmith since he left the group in 1970. (He did reunite with the group for a brief U.K. tour in 1997.) “We always kept his songs in the setlist,” says Dolenz. “But when he sings the leads it brings a whole different feel and dynamic to the band . . . The two of us had such a nice blend on those early records. It was two-part harmonies like the Everly Brothers.”

Michael Nesmith’s mother invented Liquid Paper and left him a considerable fortune when she passed away. He mostly stayed clear from the music world during the past few decades, but around 2011 he began playing small solo gigs. “I saw him with the Watkins Family at Largo a couple of years ago,” says Nesmith. “This is before the Monkees reunited in 2011, and before David [Jones] passed. Mike said to me, ‘I just started listening to my own songs. I realized that stuff wasn’t half bad. Then I just started picking up my guitar and playing a bit. It sounded pretty good.’”

Monkees fans erupted with euphoria when he returned to the stage last year. “That went a long way towards convincing him that people do want to see him again and hear his songs,” says Dolenz. “It’s almost like, ‘How can you not do it?’”

Davy Jones passed away in February of 2012, and the group’s tour later that year paid tribute to him many times throughout the night. “This time we probably won’t lean so heavily on the David situation,” says Dolenz. “I think we have to move on. Everybody has to move on. He’ll always be remembered and acknowledged, but possibly not as much as on that particular tour. We will, of course, still perform ‘Daydream Believer’ and all the other hits.”

There are no firm plans beyond these summer dates in America, but Dolenz expects the tour to keep going. “I can be frank and tell you we are thinking about taking it everywhere,” he says. “There’s always been interest in Japan, Eurasia and Australia and New Zealand. There’s a huge fan base in South America and Brazil in specific, which we’ve never really tapped into. There’s also talk about Europe and the U.K.”

The Monkees haven’t recorded a new album since 1996′s JustUs. “I’d love to make a new one,” says Dolenz. “We haven’t had any discussions about that beyond, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to have a new one?’ We’re just taking this whole thing one step at a time.”

Tickets for the tour begin going on sale May 3rd. Here are the complete dates:

7/15 Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY
7/16 Citi Performing Arts Center, Boston, MA
7/17 Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, NJ
7/19 NYCB Theatre at Westbury, Westbury, NY
7/20 Mann Music Theatre, Philadelphia, PA
7/21 Warner Theatre, Washington, D.C.
7/23 Memorial Auditorium, Raleigh, NC
7/24 Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN
7/26 St. Augustine Amphitheatre, St. Augustine, FL
7/27 Mizner Park Amphitheatre, Boca Raton, FL
7/28 Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater, FL
7/31 Long Center, Austin, TX
8/1 Arena Theatre, Houston, TX
8/2 Verizon Theatre, Grand Prairie, TX
8/3 Brady Theater, Tulsa, OK
8/5 Paramount Theatre, Denver, CO
8/9 Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, AZ
8/10 Green Valley Events Center, Henderson, NV
8/11 Humphreys, San Diego, CA
8/12 Terrace Theatre, Long Beach, CA
8/14 Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA
8/15 Uptown Theatre, Napa, CA
8/17 Benaroya Hall, Seattle, WA
8/18 Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, Portland, OR

Matt Damon Describes Difficulty in Filming at Garbage Dump

Actor Matt Damon battled disgusting conditions while shooting his new movie Elysium in the world’s largest garbage dump as the actor was breathing in dust formed from feces.

The Bourne Identity star leads the cast of South African director Neill Blomkamp’s new sci-fi film, set on a ravaged future Earth, which features scenes shot on location at a huge landfill site in Mexico.

Damon has revealed members of the film crew wore gas masks to protect themselves from the dust which swirled around the site, but the actors had to breath the foul air.

He says, “(It was) the toughest two weeks of shooting I’ve ever had… (We had to) literally eat s**t… It was explained to us that, like any dump anywhere in the world, the dust is actually comprised largely of fecal matter. After they tell you that the dust is all fecal matter, then they see what you’re doing (on set), they go, ‘You know, not your dust… all the other dust!’ So, at the end of every day, as we’d wipe this stuff off, we’d be basically throwing these s**tty towels at each other.”

Damon admits the cast and crew saw the funny side of the situation, adding, “For instance one of (the locations) was called Poo River. Literally, that was, ‘OK, can we get everybody down to Poo River for scene 36?'”

However, the star insists the tough shoot was worth it: “Neill just said, ‘Look, I know I can do a lot with a green screen… but I’ve never seen a giant set-piece in a sci-fi film in a setting like that’. Everybody on the crew recognized that it was a really good idea and it was going to be worth it. It’s really one of the best sequences in the movie and I’m really proud of it.”

Bowie Describes New Album With Bizarre 42-Word Statement

Reclusive singer David Bowie has broken his silence about his new album, titled “The Next Day”, by releasing a bizarre 42-word statement summing up the record.

The icon’s comeback was announced on his website on January 8, the day of his 66th birthday, but Bowie has not commented directly on his return to music until now.

A writer for reached out to the Ashes to Ashes hitmaker for a “work flow diagram” on his new album, and the star replied with 42 words.

Violence, identity, isolation and tyrant are among the descriptions used, and writer Rick Moody turned Bowie’s statement into an article of more than 12,000 words.

Woman Loses Most Expensive Prize Ever On ‘Price Is Right’: Ferarri 458 Spider

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The Price Is Right has been giving away some sweet rides lately. For a while there, contestants were getting a string of el-cheapos like Geos and Kias. And don’t get me wrong, a new car is a new car. But don’t even try to tell me the suspense isn’t hella more incredible when the prize at stake is a Porsche, a Tesla or even a Farrari.

Frenzy ensued April 25 when one young contestant on the Price Is Right was offered the chance to win the most expense prize in the show’s history, the Ferrari 458 Spider. (Watch the clip here) The 560-horsepower V8 engine hardtop convertible is equipped with a seven-speed transmission. It features satellite radio, navigation, Bluetooth, as well as front and rear parking sensors. The car can go from 0 to 62 miles-per-hour in less than 3.4 seconds, and its aluminum hardtop can be lowered or raised in just 14 seconds.

All Therese had to do for the Ferrari to be hers was correctly arrange six numbers in the exact order. OK, it was a little trickier than all that. The Three Strikes Game requires a player to pull numbers out of sack and correctly place them in price of the car—in this case $285,716. But if Therese drew three “X” chips before she got the price right, game over. Therese struck out. Damn, it must have sucked to be her in that moment.

But is it more exciting to watch a contestant lose a dream car like a Ferrari Spider or win a lame-by-comparison prize like a Huyndai Elantra? Sure, maybe you can buy 20 Elantras for every Spider, but who cares if you lose in the end, right? Plus, what average Joe appearing on the Price is Right can even afford to drive a Ferrari if he actually won? No, Marc here definitely got the better end of the stick, and there was a shit-ton more celebration in the end.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt May Become New Judge on ‘X-Factor’

Actress and singer  Jennifer Love Hewitt is reportedly in talks to become a new judge on the talent show The X-Factor.

Creator and judge Simon Cowell is said to be “very interested” in the star, while former Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland, a former judge on the U.K. version of X Factor, and Reba McEntire are also in the running to become judges, according to

Earlier this month, Cowell confirmed that both he and Demi Lovato would be returning for the show’s third season, while Mario Lopez will be back as host.

His sidekick Khloe Kardashian will not return.

New Leonardo DiCaprio Special From Eventbookazines on Sale Now!

“I lived in every capital of Europe, collecting jewels, hunting big game, and painting a little,” Leonardo DiCaprio smoothly says as Jay Gatsby in the new film sensation The Great Gatsby-out May 10. The same sentiment of grandeur can be said for Leonardo DiCaprio’s own life.

In a changing world filled with one-hit actors and fleeting overnight celebrities, DiCaprio has remained on top as a Hollywood star in every sense of the word for the last fifteen years.

In 1998, when Titanic was christened the top grossing film of all time, there wasn’t a newsstand that didn’t feature his photograph on a magazine cover. Thanks to DiCaprio’s star making role in Titanic, Hollywood had found a new cinematic sensation.

Ever since his performance in Titanic, everything Leonardo touches turns to “gold,” and fortunately

for him, he has never been shy to make edgy film choices. With his recent back-to-back trio of critically acclaimed hit films—Inception, J. Edgar, and Django Unchained—and now the seasons highly anticipated The Great Gatsby (with The Wolf of Wall Street waiting in the wings), Leonardo is officially acknowledged as being a true “movie idol.”

With this lavishly illustrated Event Bookazines, New York Times best-selling DiCaprio biographer Mark Bego pens the ultimate publication leading you on the epic journey that has been the life of one of Hollywood’s most shining stars. This is a read for fans and enthusiasts alike. This is “Leonardo DiCaprio”.

Reese Witherspoon Glad To Be Home With Family After Arrest

In the wake of her surprising arrest, Reese Witherspoon is glad to be back home in L.A. with her children.

“She is happy to be home with her kids again. She didn’t feel good about being away from them after the news of her arrest broke,” says a source. “Her kids are everything to her.”

People magazine reports Witherspoon called Ava, 13, and Deacon, 9, – her children with ex-husband Ryan Phillippe – to tell them what happened before it hit the news. Witherspoon is also mom to 7-month-old Tennessee with husband Jim Toth.

The 37-year-old actress was arrested in Atlanta on Friday, April 19 for disorderly conduct after she mouthed off to an officer and refused to listen to his instructions as he arrested Toth, 42, for drunk driving. A source close to the couple says they are “evaluating” their actions. “It was a really bad decision on both their parts and trust me, they’re evaluating that and they will make damn sure it doesn’t happen again,” says the source.

Witherspoon, who was in Atlanta to film The Good Lie, issued an apology soon after her arrest. “Out of respect for the ongoing legal situation, I cannot comment on everything that is being reported right now. But I do want to say, I clearly had one drink too many and I am deeply embarrassed about the things I said,” she said. “It was definitely a scary situation and I was frightened for my husband, but that is no excuse. I was disrespectful to the officer who was just doing his job. The words I used that night definitely do not reflect who I am. I have nothing but respect for the police and I’m very sorry for my behavior.”

Illegal Narcotics Found On Justin Bieber Tour Bus

Swedish police confirm a small amount of illegal narcotics were found on Justin Bieber’s tour bus in a raid Wednesday night. Stockholm police spokesman Varg Gyllander did not specify what kind of drugs was found.

The bus was outside a Stockholm hotel when an officer noticed a suspicious odor emanating from the vehicle. The officer contacted the narcotics unit, who then raided the bus when it was parked at Stockholm’s Global Arena. A stun gun was confiscated along with the drugs. Neither Bieber, 19, nor his team were on board the bus at the time of the search.

Police press officer Lars Bystrom tells Us Weekly magazine no one will be charged since the bus was empty and the drugs can’t be linked to a suspect. “The drugs have been sent for analysis and the stun gun has been seized, however because at the time of the raid the bus was empty, no suspects have been linked to the findings. We do not have any concrete suspicions against any specific individual,” Bystrom explained. “There are no hearings planned over this. Myself and my colleagues are confident in this decision.”

Bieber has not directly commented on the raid, but on Thursday he indicated on Twitter that the latest round of rumors about him are not true. “Some of the rumors about me . . . where do people even get this stuff,” he wrote. “Whatever . . . back to the music.”

The singer arrived in Finland on Thursday. He will perform at the Helsinki Arena Friday night.