Month: August 2013

Blonde Cher Pays Homage To Old Playboy Covers With Closer To The Truth

We were just told that Cher is the #1 trending topic on Yahoo right now due to her new album cover. So we just had to add to the excitement here. It was recently revealed that Cher  is paying homage to old Playboy magazine covers with Closer To Home.   Yeah, we’ve seen her do blonde before, but this time, it’s  different.

   What do you think about the new album cover?  Too blonde, too sexy, too airbrushed? Too unexpected? Either way, Cher  always looks amazing! No argument here.

   There is also a special edition cover for Target. So now it’s which cover do you like better?

Target exclusive for Closer To Home.
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KatyCats Alert: Katy Perry Reveals "Roar" Poster

Attention KatyCats….Katy Perry has revealed the poster for her musicvideofor “Roar” viaTwitter. She promises the video will be seen in “Junglescope” on September 5. We can’t wait. How about you?

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Justin Timberlake Would Like to Portray Riddler in Batman Film

Justin Timberlake is keen to go mean and green  on the big screen as Batman’s foe The Riddler.

The singer/actor has applauded Ben Affleck’s casting as the Caped Crusader in the Man of Steel sequel, revealing he has become a big fan of the Argo director and star after working with him on new film Runner Runner last year.

He tells radio network Fresh 102.7, “I worked with Ben last summer and I’ve seen his process. I think he’s a brilliant filmmaker. I think he’s an extreme talent so he could surprise a lot of people.”

And if movie bosses are considering more Batman movies, there is one comic book role he would be interested in.

He explains, “I have no aspiration to ever be a superhero in a movie. Now (a) villain! I’ll tell you the villain I want to play more than anything because I grew up loving Batman, funny enough, is The Riddler. The Riddler is my favorite villain.

“The Riddler was, like, a sociopath. He was proper crazy. So if I’m gonna play crazy, I’m wanna play proper crazy. I’m ready. The Riddler. Gimme a call!”

Jim Carrey and late TV veteran Frank Gorshin have both previously portrayed The Riddler onscreen.

Elton’s Partner Planning To Open Vegas Champagne Bar

Elton John’s partner David Furnish is planning on opening a champagne lounge at Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace.

The new bar, called Fizz, is expected to open this fall adjacent to Caesars’ Forum Casino. It will be built between the Colosseum and the nearby entrance to the Forum Shops. The lounge will feature high-end champagnes by the glass, along with a range of cocktails.

John’s personal chef is helping select caviar and charcuterie choices to complement the beverage selections.

“Fizz is an extension of our personal style,” Furnish said in a news release. “Spending so much time in Las Vegas with Elton’s performance schedule, we wanted a space that would reflect our personal style and become an extension of the way we entertain at home.”

There is no official opening date yet.

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Green Day’s Broadway American Idiot Now A Musical Documentary

Broadway Idiot, a documentary about a play based on an album, is set to screen in select theaters this fall.

Green Day’s American Idiot, the album, was first released in 2004, then later adapted into a musical by the same time, which premiered in 2009 and opened on Broadway in 2010, before hitting the road as a tour in 2011.

Broadway Idiot, which was first announced back in January and premiered at South By Southwest in March, follows Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, who appeared in some Broadway performances of the show, in his journey to adapt the album into a musical.

The Doug Hamilton-directed documentary showcases tons of behind the scenes footage, interviews, and more, and opens in New York on Oct. 11 and in select markets in the U.S., Canada, as well as on demand, Oct. 1st.

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Ozzy Osbourne Starts House Fire Cooking Bacon

Ozzy Osbourne almost set fire to his home when frying bacon this week.

The 64-year-old Black Sabbath rocker tried to make a breakfast sandwich at his Beverly Hills, California, mansion on Wednesday and nearly burned down the property for a second time this year.

Supposedly Ozzy was too dazed to pay full attention while cooking.

‘Ozzy has just got back from four months abroad on tour, and was still a little jet-lagged and disorientated,’ a source told British newspaper The Mirror.

‘Shortly before bedtime, he went to make himself a little snack. Unfortunately, when frying the bacon, he managed to set light to the pan and triggered the smoke alarm.’

His wife Sharon was in the UK filming The X Factor at the time and she took to Twitter to lament over the accident immediately after it happened: ‘I’m in London, @OfficialOzzy is in LA making a bacon sandwich last night and the fire brigade ended up at our house!!’

But luckily emergency authorities were on the scene quickly to assist.

‘Because the Osbournes’ alarm system is so advanced, and Ozzy has form for this kind of thing, an alert was immediately sent to the LAFD ‘ and officers were dispatched,’ the source detailed.

‘Ozzy was mortified when he realised the fuss he’d caused and apologised profusely to the fire crew. He has promised to be more careful, and less gung ho, in future.’

Ozzy and Sharon suffered another fire scare in January.

After the couple fell asleep before extinguishing a candle which exploded in its glass vase and sparked a small fire in their living room, Ozzy singed his hair and injured his hand while trying to put out the blaze.

Authorities arrived to rescue the couple in time and Sharon, 60, told TMZ shortly after the accident she would be banning candles from the home.

Video Watch: Elton John Performs Mexican Vacation (Kids In The Candlelight) at Capitol Studios

Elton John is back with a new live video for “Mexican Vacation (Kids In The Candlelight)” filmed at Capitol Studios. Check it out below! The new track is from Elton’s forthcoming album The Diving Board (9/24) and marks the artist’s first solo studio album in seven years.

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Clint Eastwood and wife Dina Separate, Report Says

Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood and his wife Dina have reportedly separated after 17 years of marriage.

Reality TV star Dina confirmed the news on Thursday, telling Us Weekly magazine she and her husband remain close but they have been living apart for some time.

When contacted about the reports, filmmaker Eastwood’s representative said, “I know nothing about that.”

The split news comes just four months after Dina reportedly checked into a rehabilitation clinic to tackle personal issues.

She and Clint married in 1996 and have one daughter together, 16-year-old Morgan, who appeared with her mother and half-sister Francesca in reality TV show, Mrs. Eastwood & Company, which aired last year.

This is Eastwood’s second union – he was married to first wife Maggie Johnson for almost 30 years before they divorced in 1984.

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British Actor Simon Pegg Eyes X-Files Role

British actor Simon Pegg is keen to land a role in the next big screen installment of The X-Files.

The Shaun of the Dead star is adamant original FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, played by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, should be included in the upcoming third film, and he is desperate for a role himself.

He tells Britain’s The Sun, “I was a big fan of The X-Files and I’ve become friends with Gillian Anderson since. I’ve always loved that show so it’s definitely something I’d consider. It’s a great story and it would be nice to see it continue… (but) it has to be with David Duchovny and with Gillian. “

Cher Unveils "Closer To Home" Cover Artwork and Track Listing

Cher has unveiled the much anticipated artwork for her Closer To The Truth album. Her 26th studio album will be released internationally on September 30 and October 14 in the UK.

We took notice that the track listing is minus the rumored cover of “Our Lips Are Sealed” or the Lady Gaga duo. But then again we didn’t really expect it to be included, only hoping that it might be.

Standard edition:

1. “Woman’s World”
2. “Take It Like a Man” (featuring Jake Shears)
3. “My Love”
4. “Dressed to Kill”
5. “Red”
6. “Lovers Forever”
7. “I Walk Alone”
8. “Sirens”
9. “Favourite Scars”
10. “I Hope You Find It”
11. “Lie to Me”

Deluxe edition:
12. “I Don’t Have to Sleep to Dream”
13. “Pride”
14. “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” (Original Version)
15. “Woman’s World” (R3hab Remix)
16. “Woman’s World” (Jodie Harsh Radio Remix)
17. “Will You Wait For Me”

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