Madonna Wins Vogue Lawsuit Over Music Sampling

Madonna has triumphed in a legal battle over her hit track Vogue.

Executives at a company named VMG Salsoul filed a lawsuit against the pop superstar and producer Robert ‘Shep’ Pettibone alleging they illegally sampled a composition called Chicago Bus on the 1990 single.

In the legal papers, which were filed in California in July, VMG Salsoul bosses claimed new technology had uncovered the alleged sample in Madonna’s song.

However, District Court Judge Beverly O’Connell ruled in the pop star’s favour, stating, “Having listened to the sound recordings… the court finds that no reasonable audience would find the sampled portions qualitatively or quantitatively significant in relation to the infringing work, nor would they recognise the appropriation. The court finds that any sampling of the (composition) was minimal or trivial.”

Richard Busch, the attorney representing the defendants, says, “We are thrilled with the decision and believe it is absolutely the right result.”

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