Month: July 2014

10 Music Myths People Still Believe

 Some of the greatest music myths are those that pass through generations and are still fresh and new to each set of ears that hears them. The best of the best are funny, mean and downright outrageous. But hey, you have to be pretty high on the popularity scale to get one of these things said about you, so myth or not, all press is good press. According to Webster’s, a myth is a “a widely held but false belief or idea.” So in no particular order, here are 10 of the greatest music myths people still believe, even after all these years.

Lady Gaga’s A Dude!

Ms. Germanotta addressed this particular rumor herself during an interview with Barbara Walters back in 2010. Walters asked Gaga about the biggest misconception about her and Gaga replied, “That I am artificial and attention seeking when the truth is that every bit of me is devoted to love and art and I aspire to – try to be a teacher to my young fans – who are – who are just like me – who feel just like how I felt when I was younger. I just, I felt like a freak – I guess what I am trying to say is – I wanna liberate them – I wanna free them of their – of their fears – and make them feel that they can create their own space in the world.”  Walters then asked Gaga about the rumor that she was part man and part woman to which Gaga replied, “No I don’t mind it really it was strange and quite a story but I portray myself in an androgynous way and I love androgyny and pushing boundaries.”

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