Lady Gaga Meat Dress Designer Tells How To Re-Create His VMA Look

Did you watch Sunday night’s VMAs and wonder how you too can re-create the Franc Fernandez-designed Lady Gaga meat dress? Well, wonder no more. MTV News caught up with the now-infamous designer and he very simply explained how one makes a dress made entirely of meat.

“Go to your butcher, get some good cuts and start sewing,” he said about Gaga’s getup, which was her third look of VMA night. Before her fashions got meaty, the singer wore two gowns — one designed by the late Alexander McQueen and one by Giorgio Armani. However, those ultra-glam garbs were overshadowed by Fernandez’s over-the-top look.
“I was approached by [fellow fashion stylist] Nicola Formichetti to create the look. It was planned over a week period,” Fernandez explained about how the dress came to fruition. “It’s always a pleasure working with Nicola and Gaga, the times I have. The process is very easy and quick.” Read more>>

Source: MTV News
Photo: Splash