2011 MTV Movie Awards

2011 MTV Movie Awards Nominations:: Vampires Vs. Wizards

Photos: Courtesy of  Summit and Warner Bros.

We always knew it would come to this: It’s wizards versus vampires at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards (aring June 5 at 8 p.m. ET on — you guessed it — MTV).

The network has announced the nominations for its 20th annual ceremony, and it’s official: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 will square off against The Twilight Saga: Eclipse for best movie. Potter’s Emma Watson will duke it out with Twilight’s Kristen Stewart for best female performance. And Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe will have to face down Twilight’s Robert Pattinson for best male performance.

Twilight had the most nods of any movie with eight, also garnering noms for best kiss and best fight. Potter, which tallied six total nominations, scored nods for best kiss (between Harry and Hermione!) and best villain (for Draco Malfoy’s portrayer Tom Felton).

These movies may not have dominated the Oscars, but boy do they get teen girls invested. The show’s host, Jason Sudeikis, had better watch what jokes he makes at the expense of these “supernatural” stars. If the wizards and vamps don’t kill him, their teen fans might!

Which of these blockbuster franchises will carry the day? With its sultry love affair at the center of the action, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse may have the upper hand. But is it possible that neither film will come out on top? Why, of course. Fans could split their votes between the two, leaving one of the remaining three nominated films (Black Swan, Inception or The Social Network) to steal the popcorn trophy. Our money would be on Inception, which earned a not-too-shabby seven total nominations. In particular, star Joseph Gordon-Levitt might want to get ready for his close-up — he’s nominated for both best fight and biggest badass star!

In the meantime, if you’d like to see a full list of nominess and, more importantly, if you’d like to make your voice to be heard in this important matter, you can vote at MovieAwards.mtv.com through June 4.

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