30 Seconds To Mars

Jared Leto’s Latest 30 Seconds To Mars Music Video Has Been Banned From U.S. TV

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Jared Leto‘s latest 30 Seconds To Mars  music video has been banned from U.S. TV after censors deemed it too explicit to broadcast.

The 20-minute promo for Hurricane, which Leto recently described as “a meditation on the violence of sex and the sex of violence”, has caused a stir among TV executives in the U.S.
In a posting on his website JaredLeto.com on Sunday (Nov 28), the frontman listed a series of broadcasting issues he received from network bosses regarding sexually explicit bondage shots and violent fight scenes.

And he revealed he’s working on a “creative” editing solution to ensure the video can at least secure a “Post 10 PM” time slot.

Leto continues: “Here is one letter out of several we received about the inability for networks to broadcast HURRICANE as is. I am looking to find a creative solution that works for all.” But guitarist Tomo Milicevic has vowed to make the clip available for fans to see online in its original, full-length format.

He tells RockAAA.com, “The internet is still restriction-free – the Hurricane film will be seen.”