60 Minutes

Steven Tyler Regrets Comments About Bandmates

Steven Tyler regrets some of the things he said about his Aerosmith bandmates in a candid news special on the band.

The Love in an Elevator singer accused his colleagues of riding his coattails, insisting his quest for perfection has helped them all become millionaire hitmakers, while his bandmates opened up about Tyler’s cruel and mean tendencies, revealing the outrageous frontman is tough to work with at times.

But the most eye-opening part of the 60 Minutes expose came when guitarist Joe Perry talked about his own tempestuous relationship with Tyler. The rocker said he tolerates his songwriting sidekick because he is an immense talent.

And when Perry was asked if the band’s disagreements over the years have ever led to a bust-up, he said, “That would damage the relationship too much; besides he needs his jaw to sing.”

The offhand comment didn’t sit well with his frontman when it was repeated to him later in the interview.

Clearly a little hurt, Tyler responded, “It’s a terrible message that sends. I always sleep with one eye open with him… He needs his jaw to sing? Does that mean that maybe there’s a fight in the near future? I think he’s (Perry) still got a good, strong ego.”

Now Tyler and his bandmates have seen the TV special, the frontman admits they went a little too far and got a little too candid in front of the TV cameras.

He tells Access Hollywood, “We all realize we might have said a little too much. Being Italian, you know, there’s some things you don’t say. There was stuff we were going through.”