A Dangerous Method. Twilight

Slick ‘Cosmopolis’ Trailer Shows A Different Robert Pattinson

Following up the solid but seldom seen “A Dangerous Method,” director David Cronenberg is back with bold psychological thriller “Cosmopolis,” a surreal tale of a very wealthy man who suddenly finds himself in the underbelly of Manhattan.

Starring Robert Pattinson in a much different turn than “Twilight,” the first trailer for “Cosmopolis” shows us much more mood than plot, which is about par for the course for Cronenberg, the filmmaker behind “Eastern Promises” and “A History of Violence.”

With Pattinson shedding his pretty boy image, the trailer isn’t shy about the dark themes themovie will take a swing at – mainly power, money, sex and violence – yet we’re still left with the impression that “Cosmopolis” is going to be anything but your average thriller.

“Cosmopolis” also features a very interesting cast, including Paul Giamatti as a wise hermit, Juliette Binoche as the temptress and Jay Baruchel as the friend tagging along for the ride.

With Cronenberg writing and directing, audiences are sure to be in for a wild and unpredictable ride, if nothing else.