A.J. Calloway

Channing Tatum Talks Fatherhood

It’s only been three weeks since he officially became a father with the birth of daughter Everly, but Channing Tatum has already learned a few things about parenthood. He opened up about being a father this week in interviews promoting his new film White House Down.

“I’ll give you some baby advice: You’re not going to do anything for the first six months. You’re just like, ‘Can I have the baby at some point today?’ You’re never going to be so excited when something poos,” Tatum told Extra’s A.J. Calloway. Calloway is currently expecting a child with his fiance Dionne Walker.

Another thing Tatum has learned is how fast babies grow. “I’m away from her for 12-13 hours and I feel like I come home and I feel like she’s changed—like her face looks different. You feel like every minute that you miss is horrible,” he told E!.

As for how wife Jenna Dewan is handling motherhood, the actor revealed, “She’s good, she’s really good. Tired, you know…just taking care of the baby on those first months. First months are hard.”

Tatum told Good Morning America that he received some good advice from his White House Down co-star Jamie Fox. “Jamie told me, he’s just like, look, you’ve got to learn how to be a father and a buddy, like a homey, to your little girl and be a person that she can come and talk to as well,” said Tatum.

White House Down hits theaters this Friday.