Alan Merrill

Concert Pick Of The Weekend: The Left Banke At BB King’s Times Square, Sunday 4-29, 8PM!

The Left Banke is a group that legends are made of and we strongly suggest catching them at BB Kings, Times Square, this Sunday at 8PM (doors open at 6:30 PM, so be sure to arrive early to get a seat)!

What is particularly special about this show is that it is a rare glimpse at a New York band formed in the 60s with mostly original members–who recorded one of the most famous songs of the 60s! “Just Walk Away Renee” was not only a Top 10 hit for The Left Banke, but then the Four Tops also had a Top 10 hit with it…and then numerous other pop and R&B acts covered it. The group also saw the top 40 with “Pretty Ballerina” considered to also be a classic in rock critics/classic rock afficionado circles!

If you need to know why else this show is special. Opening up is Alan Merrill, whose best-known for penning “I Love Rock And Roll”–his band The Arrows recorded it in 1975 and it was a hit overseas but not here. The Arrows were the first signing to Atlantic Records Japan and why did Merrill go to Japan in the first place? Get this! After several auditions, he was hired to be in The Left Banke in 1968 to replace a previous guitar player, but as the story goes, when he went to record with the band–THE PREVIOUS GUITAR PLAYER TURNED UP AND APPARENTLY DECIDED TO STAY! The back and forth for months made the talented Merrill (a triple threat with excellent songwriting, guitar and vocal skills) move to Japan to regroup!

So get yourself down to BB King’s Sunday night and enjoy a piece of rock history. We think that Merrill might just wind up jamming with The Left Banke! Pardon the pun, but it’s a show that you can “banke” on for luscious harmonies and infectious pop hooks! Tickets available for $25  at

(Left Banke photo courtesy Anne Leighton Media and Alan Merrill photo courtesy Alan Merrill.)