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Hollywood Alcohol Detox Secrets

Alcohol addiction is no stranger to Hollywood, and plenty of stars have nearly been destroyed by alcohol. Celebrities are no different than any other person addicted to alcohol, with the one difference being that their struggles with alcoholism are played out in the media. This kind of attention can spell disaster for a celebrity’s career and reputation, but with alcohol detox and alcohol treatment, recovery is possible for every celebrity in Hollywood.
Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan
find their addictions making headlines every day. Their bad behavior is fodder to gossip websites, magazines and television shows, but when a celebrity makes the positive decision to enter an alcohol detox and alcohol treatment program, their chances for personal and professional rehabilitation are increased. There is no secret to Hollywood celebrities beating their addiction to alcohol, in fact, these addicts face the same, if not more, challenges to recovery from alcoholism simply because of their fame.


Most Hollywood stars choose to enter an alcohol detox and alcohol treatment program away from the prying eyes of the press. It is critical to their success and recovery that they be allowed the time and privacy to work on their physical, emotional and spiritual health. Many alcohol detox and alcohol treatment programs utilize yoga, massage, meditation to help celebrity addicts start the healing process. 

Recovery from addiction is never an easy road, but celebrity status makes that road much more treacherous.
Alcoholism is a disease that does not discriminate, and crosses every demographic. Those in the public eye often find it difficult to seek treatment for their addiction, but it is necessary if there is any hope of rebuilding every part of their life.