Amber Schon

Amber Schon Reacts to Neal Schon/Michaele Salahi Story

“Ms. Schon is aware that there is intense media interest in her former husband’s romantic pursuits.  Ms. Schon is a single mother to their two children and is also a full-time student – her ex-husband’s romantic activities are not at the top of her list of priorities. She is focused on being a good mother and protecting her children’s privacy, especially in the wake of this media circus, is of particular concern to her.”
“Her only interest in her former husband’s love life is ensuring that, as a mother, those who have access to her children are safe and trustworthy.  She notes that she had a very friendly relationship with her former husband’s most recent ex, Ava Fabian, and Ms. Schon believes that Ms. Fabian and her children had a wonderful rapport.”
“Ms. Schon believes that as a mother, it is incumbent upon her to do everything in her power to preserve her children’s relationship with their father, and while she intends to make further comments over the coming weeks, she is NOT seeking compensation for her story.  She is working hard on her education to ensure her ability to provide for her daughters in the long term.”
“At the end of the day, Ms. Schon intends to use her story to empower other women to make good relationship decisions and avoid some of the mistakes she has made. She will share her story over the next several weeks, but for the time being, Ms. Schon respectfully requests that the news media respect her privacy and that of her children.”