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Steven Tyler Dispels Relapse Rumors

Even after a successful period of recovery, an addiction past can haunt you in weird ways. When Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler recently suffered a painful fall in a hotel bathroom in Paraguay, he found he had some explaining to do – even more than the average celeb.

The 63-year-old American Idol judge took to NBC’s Today show to set the record straight. According to Tyler, he wasn’t battling a relapse, he was battling food poisoning and began to feel nauseous in the shower. “I started to get sick, and I just fell on my face,” he said. “I just passed out.”

After the fall, Tyler’s tour manager called the American Embassy and found the best hospital in the area. There they stitched up his eye, repaired a tooth and did what Tyler termed “a little plastic surgery.”

Tyler past drug and alcohol problems are legendary in the rock world and beyond, so it wasn’t surprising when some began questioning whether the fall wasn’t related to the singer actually falling off the wagon.

“I get that people think that,” Tyler said, in response to questions about a relapse. “It still bothers me a little, but it’s something that I have to have to deal with for the rest of my life.”

By not getting defensive, and instead answering questions openly and honestly, Tyler followed the recovery rulebook perfectly, proving he’s truly in a good place. As further proof, Aerosmith’s show in Paraguay was postponed by only a day, despite Tyler’s injuries, and the tour has continued without incident.