Amy Adams

First Look: New Logo Revealed For ‘Superman’ Reboot

A new Superman logo has been released in honor of director Zack Snyder’s upcoming reboot of the classic superhero film. The new logo puts a fresh twist on the iconic “S shield,” adding a rounded looked and dark slashes for texture.

The new film, starring Henry Cavill in the lead with Amy Adams as Lois Lane, is set to hit theaters in 2013. Speaking with, Snyder says it was a thrill to work on the legendary series:

“I love making genre movies because genre movies have the potential to be the biggest movie. Watchmen is a crash course on the rules of the why of superheroes, so for me now, to go and do Superman it’s like ‘Okay, I got that, I know why,'” he says.

“Now I can make, I think, a Superman movie that gets at him and makes him relevant and you can care about him and be something that you wanna see and not go ‘That’s a joke, he’s got his glasses on so you can’t recognise him.'”