Aretha Franklin The Queen of Soul

Author Spotlight: Oh No! That "Awful" Mark Bego Strikes Again!

When contacted celebrity-author Mark Bego over a month ago for an interview about his just-released, unauthorized biography of singer Aretha Franklin  called, ARETHA FRANKLIN: THE QUEEN OF SOUL (Skyhorse Publihsing) … Bego was surprised as the singer has strong Grammy connections, and has gone on record bashing him and his book, personally referring to him as “that awful Mark Bego.” Bego did the interview …. twice in fact and weeks later, nothing has run on their web site. Bego suspects that it was personally killed by Franklin and her cohorts. Bego contends that the reason the singer dislikes it so much is that his book frankly tells the truth about Franklin.


Real 4 Alarm Event In Beverly Hills: Celeb Author Mark Bego New Book Launch

Celeb-author MARK BEGO held the launch party for his latest book Aretha Franklin-The Queen of Soul (Skyhorse) last week in L. A. at Nic’s Martini Lounge and somehow at the height of the party (which included, producer Joel Diamond; actress Rebecca Holden; Raspin; and, Angela Bowie; Beth Wernick from the company Imaginary Friends) the fire-alarm bell went off. According to Bego, “There was a problem in the kitchen which resulted in the alarm going off; I swear I had nothing to do with it!” An hour later, all the guests were back in and continuing the launch-event. As to the #1 question of the night – what might be the author’s next book subject? Answers ranged from Bee Gee Robin Gibb to Dick Clark …stay tuned the writer’s 60th opus!