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Clive Davis: I’m Bisexual, In A Relationship With A Man

Clive Davis, a legendary music producer who discovered Whitney Houston, has revealed he is bisexual. Davis made the confession in his new memoir The Sound Track of My Life. He then opened up about his sexuality in a new interview with Katie Couric.

Davis, 80, says he first thought of being in a relationship with a man after his second marriage ended in the 80s. “When the marriage failed in the mid-80s, I opened myself up to the idea that I could have a relationship with a man… I thought it was private, number one, but I did immediately reveal it to the people who count; my children, I was totally open to my close friends, I just didn’t hold the sign up,” he explained.

“There was a[n]… attitude toward bisexuality that you’re either gay, straight, or lying. That’s not true,” he added.

In the 90s, Davis says began a 14-year romance with a male doctor. After their split, he met his current partner. Davis did not reveal his partner’s name.