BBC’s Talent Selection Group

Elton John And David Bowie Blasted By The BBC Before Becoming Famous

Both Elton John and David Bowie were initially rejected for performances on the BBC before reaching stardom, according to a documentary calledAuditioning for Auntie.

The doc, set to air on the BBC October 21, tells the story of how artists had to audition for the BBC’s Talent Selection Group before they were allowed to perform on television.

Documents uncovered for the film revealed notes for Elton’s first audition that were less than flattering:

“The items are not songs. Pretentious material, self-written, sung in an extremely dull fashion without any feeling and precious little musical ability. Thin, piercing voice with NO emotion. Not a tuneful voice . . . He writes dreary songs and he sounds like a wonky singer,” the judges wrote of the future icon.

Bowie’s notes were even less kind: “amateur-sounding vocalist who sings wrong notes and out of tune.”