Beavis abd Butthead

Beavis and Butthead Do Twilght! Return to MTV a Huge Success


It’s official Beavis and Butthead are back! They returned to MTV this week (Oct 27) after a 13 year absence. The animated series Beavis and Butthead proved to be a huge success as 3.3 million people tuned in for the revival of the animated series.

According to Zaptoit, the series performed well with males, who comprised over two-thirds of the audience. The episode saw the duo tackle pop culture references such as Jersey Shore and The Bachelor. However reviews for the episode were mixed. According to The Hollywood Reporter, one critic praised, “it turns out that their brand of blunt but unexpectedly wise snark translates just as well to trashy reality shows as it did to trashy hair metal videos back in the day”, whilst another stated, “by the old measurements, the premiere episode is tepid and distant.” Many fans were more optimistic. Alan Moyer, talking on twitter said, ‘Beavis and Butthead haven’t lost a step’ whilst Stephen Hopkins declared, ‘I think Beavis and Butthead actually got funnier than it was before’. However it wasn’t enough to please everyone: ‘I hate that Beavis and Butthead is back on TV’tweeted another.

The comedy, initially launched in 1993 but ended in November 1997. The teenagers still now appear as the same age, having failed to grow or mature in the past decade. Mtv President Can Toffler previously told Rolling Stone magazine, “They’re the same boneheads sitting on the same couch, commenting on things through a really simple prism”.