Lady Gaga Puts On Mustache And Unfamiliar Accent For ARTPOP Q&A

(MTV)—Lady Gaga brought her ARTPOP to Berlin on Thursday (October 24), when she gathered her Little Monsters at the city’s Berghain Club to give them an acoustic performance of “Gypsy” and answer their most pressing questions.

And, in true Gaga fashion, it was all quite over-the-top. Gaga rocked a black bra, wore a mustache on her face and her body was covered in glitter. And even though she was speaking in a German-sounding accent, we were still able to get some album details from her extensive Q&A with fans.

“I feel like in a way ARTPOP — as an idea — it was an answer to every question about my music up until this point,” she said, later adding, “ARTPOP, of course, like with any album you can choose to listen any songs you want to listen to, but if you truly want to experience what I composed for you, you listen from start to finish. It’s a journey. It was designed to be played as a piece.”

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Robert Pattinson Takes His Dad to a German Fetish Club?

Actor Robert Pattinson has revealed how he spent his downtime whilst filming Bel Ami in Berlin, admitting he visited a fetish club that sounded so good his dad wanted to join him there!

The Twilight star paid a visit to the KitKatClub as a way of escaping his fans, according to The Sun.

Pattinson reportedly said: “I was telling my dad about it last night and he sounded really into it.

“He told me, ‘I’m coming over – let’s go to the orgy club.”