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Big Brother 15 Week 7 Spoilers: Was Andy Forced To Name A Replacement Nominee?

After Thursday’s double eviction, Andy won the Head of Household competition. He nominated Jessie and Spencer for eviction because he has alliances and close relationships with everyone else in the house.


Andy also won the Power of Veto. After the competition, Andy told Aaryn he didn’t plan to use the veto. He stayed true to his word today at the POV ceremony. Andy chose not to use the POV, leaving Jessie and Spencer on the chopping block.

At this point it looks like Jessie will definitely be joining the jury. She has no allies and has been a target for the past few weeks. Jessie was originally Aaryn’s target during the double eviction, but Helen’s idea to backdoor Judd saved her.

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Big Brother 15 Week 5 Spoilers: Drama And An Eviction Prediction

Emotions are running high in the Big Brother house with showmance partners Howard and Candice on the chopping block along with America’s MVP nominee Amanda. The majority of the house is targeting Howard, while the minority would like to send Amanda packing.


Spencer has been campaigning for Howard to stay over Candice, but he has also tried to flip some houseguests against Amanda. When Candice got wind of him campaigning against her, she called a house meeting to confront him. She screamed at him to not talk about her and also exposed some of his comments about other houseguests (like him allegedly saying he hoped Amanda would “choke on her own saliva). Spencer denied the accusations.

Candice’s blowup prompted Howard to announce that the house is being controlled by a group of 5 houseguests. He also spoke out against all the lying and drama going on. He said that he would prefer to be evicted if that is the kind of game being played.

All the drama only served to put a bigger target on Candice’s back. Although Aaryn, GinaMarie and Spencer would like to evict Candice before Howard, they don’t seem to be seriously considering trying to flip the house. It’s safer to go along with the majority and send Howard packing. Howard will most likely be evicted tonight.

Big Brother 15 Week 5 Spoilers: MVP Nominee and POV Competition Results

Aaryn honored her deal with Helen this week and nominated Spencer and Howard for eviction. Helen’s alliance wants Howard gone and they have the numbers to make it happen, so Howard’s only hope is the Power of Veto.


America’s MVP nominee this week is Amanda. She got to play in the POV competition along with Aaryn, Howard and Spencer. The two randomly chosen players were Jessie and Candice.

Spencer won the veto and will take himself off the chopping block. Aaryn will be forced to name a replacement nominee. Her most likely choice is Candice because of Candice’s close relationship with Howard. The two girls have never liked each other, so that adds to the likelihood that Candice will find herself on the block next to her showmance partner.

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Adam Lambert Arrested, Jailed After Fight In Finland

Former American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert spent several hours in a Finland jail Thursday after an argument with his boyfriend turned violent. According to reports, Lambert and Sauli Koskinen were kicked out of a gay bar called Don’t Tell Momma for fighting. The altercation continued outside and Lambert reportedly attacked anyone who tried to intervene.

Police took both Lambert, 29, and Koskinen, 26, into custody around 4 a.m. and held them for questioning until Thursday afternoon. It is unclear if they will face assault charges. No one was injured in the fight.

Lambert has not commented. Koskinen, who won Finland’s version of Big Brother in 2007, implied in a blog post that all is forgiven between himself and Lambert. “Fame is not easy. Celebrities are only human. Love is not easy either, but it is forever!” he wrote.

Big Brother 13 Week 6 Eviction Predictions: Brendon or Shelly?

It looks like Brendon’s luck in the Big Brother game is about to run out for good. He was originally evicted in week 4, but a twist last week brought him back into the game. Brendon found himself back on the block this week after Daniele chose him as the replacement nominee for Adam, who won the POV.
Brendon and Rachel’s campaign for votes appears to have failed. Porsche refused to make a deal with them and she seems set on voting Brendon out of the game. Kalia has also said she wants Brendon evicted. Adam is loyal to Shelly and it is unlikely he will vote against her. Jeff and Jordan have promised Shelly they are voting to keep her. Brendon will likely be evicted Thursday by a 5 to 1 vote.
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