Blood Manor NYC

Blood Manor, NYC’s Premier Haunted Attraction—Scaring Manhattan Senseless for the Sixth Consecutive Year

In 2010, Blood Manor, NYC’s Premier Haunted Attraction, returns to scare Manhattan senseless for the sixth consecutive year. Blood Manor will bring terror to the Big Apple with an abundance of new themes and scares. 2010 is poised to be the scariest, creepiest, and most fun season ever. For five years of successful macabre delight, Blood Manor thanks all its loyal supporters with new ticket promotions including; $20 Student Nights, Free Admission on your Birthday Nights and discounts for online ticket purchases.  Located in its same sinister location: 542 West 27th Street (btwn 10th & 11th Ave), Blood Manor opens on Friday, October 1, 2010. Let the screams begin!
Blood Manor is thirsting for new blood and all hapless humans are welcome.
Among dozens of cutting-edge animatronics and scores of state-of-the-art props, Blood Manor’s exciting horror experiences this year will scare your socks off.
Introducing eight fresh experiences for life-altering transfusions at Blood Manor 2010: the Vampire’s Lair, the Wolves Den, the Zombie Attack the Vortex Laser Tunnel, the Electrocution, the Serial Killer’s Thriller, the 3D Circus of Horrors and It’s Alive! The residents are more certifiably insane than ever and they’re expecting you. All you have to do is show up and try to survive.
Milling about the place is Voodoo Rob, The Careless Caretaker, monsters bigger than life and Disgraceland characters: all are entertaining you until the time your excursion through the manor begins.  The real freaks from The Disgraceland Family will literally hang from meat hooks through their skin. When these guys say, “the suspense is killing me” – they mean it!  The Disgraceland Hook Squad presents modern day flesh suspensions in a raw, most primal way.  They even have a human dartboard!
Passing through the I Scream Parlor where the organist was an unwilling organ donor in his former life, you get the feeling someone is trying to serenade you. Then you realize that’s just the werewolves baying at the moon while they celebrate all the carnage around them in the Wolves Den. Patrons will sink their teeth into the Vampire’s Lair and stand enthralled as the undead invade Blood Manor and drain mortals dry. Anyone could be next – so stick your neck out for no one! If you can move your trembling limbs, continue on your way, but beware of the Zombie Attack as you sojourn through the Manor.  If you’re not careful, you may join the corpse parade for good! The chaotic chamber of sights and sounds will astound as you stumble your way around as the dead are brought back to life in It’s Alive! Their re-birth comes just in time to duck into the Vortex Laser Tunnel and experience the spinning lights and sounds that create a pathway to oblivion – will you find your way through? You might not want to when you realize what comes next on this horror hike – welcome to Serial Killer’s Thriller!  He’s waiting politely for you. He’s got splendid manners, Blood Manners, that is! He will hang your picture on his wall, you’ll be a dismembered member of his extended family – you could say a blood relative! Scared and running low on energy? 

Totter on over to the Electrocution for full shock treatment and get the energy up, the Manor energy.   It takes a lot of human juice to keep these volts flowing and we need your “input!” While you’re senseless from the zaps, wander over to the Thunderdome, where you’ll enjoy a fierce electrical storm complete with pounding rain, howling winds and blinding lightning.  If you survive the putrid precipitation of Mother Nature’s wrath, you’ll get no respite in Hog Hell. You’ll squeal like a hog!   Duck into the Boiler Room, where scalding hot steam emits from the pipes and smoke abounds in this dismal underground passageway. Make your way through this psycho superintendent’s lair quickly or you may wind up looking like one of the charred bodies. Experience sensory overload as she-demons, creatures, zombies, spiders and other unidentifiable beings take note of your presence and breathe down your neck.
 There are a total of nineteen environments – each with its own creepy digital sound effects that will make your heart skip a beat. Blood seeps, drips and pours everywhere; BLOOD MANOR spews roughly 37 gallons of blood per night, give or take a fatality. You may have already come to this conclusion on your Manor meanderings, but the Circus is in town! The big top spins the 3D Circus of Horrors, an electrifying 3D maze by world famous artist Stuart Smith of Stuartizm Designs, LLC. These clowns are no laughing matter, – you may opt to walk through the Midtown Tunnel with the elephants to get away from these Bloodzo clowns!  The finale of this terror tour is bound to leave you running for your life – if you escape with your limbs intact!  
That’s just a sampling of the catastrophic smorgasbord awaiting you at Blood Manor – there’s plenty more where that came from – it’s a blood buffet!  For those of you who have previously survived Blood Manor, 2010 will provide many new and extreme experiences; for first time visitors, you will finally face your darkest fears!
Jim Faro, Mike Rodriguez and Jimmy Lorenzo, whose combined passion for all things spooky, created this Halloween Haven.  Sparked by insurmountable cravings for the macabre and decades of their own incredible Halloween houses, the trio have reached scary nirvana with BLOOD MANOR.
The team works all year long to perfect the haunted attraction in time for “the only month that really matters,” October.  If BLOOD MANOR doesn’t scare you out of your skull, these guys are not satisfied. With these guys – HALLOWEEN IS DEFINITELY NOT JUST FOR KIDS!
BLOOD MANOR 2010 is open:
Thursdays 7:30PM – 12AM
Fridays & Saturdays 7:30PM -2AM
Sundays 6PM – 11PM
Tuesday, October 26 7:30PM -1AM
Wednesday, October 27 7:30PM – 1AM
Thursday, October 28 7:30PM – 1AM
Halloween October 31 6PM – 2AM