Bonnie Raitt

R.E.M., Jackson Browne, the Roots, OK Go, Moby, Bonnie Raitt, Rosanne Cash,Writers Guild of America, East

Some of the biggest names in music and the Writers Guild of America, East are urging the White House and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to act immediately to secure Net Neutrality and protect the future of music.  The diverse list of musicians include: Jackson Browne, R.E.M. the Roots, Rosanne Cash, OK Go, Moby, Bonnie Raitt and Jamie Kitman, the manager of OK Go, They Might Be Giants, Mike Doughty, and Mike Viola.
The artists are banding together due to the threat of a corporate takeover of the Internet by big telecoms such as Verizon and Google.  Critics contend that a potential takeover could have severe adverse ramifications for the artistic and creative atmosphere that the Internet has always provided.  “That’s why we support efforts to preserve Net Neutrality for the benefit of innovation and free expression — and urge the FCC to act immediately to ensure that the Internet is kept free and open,” states the letter.
With the FCC set to meet tomorrow in Washington, the musicians have aligned with Political Action and Future of Music Coalition (FMC) in sending a message to the Commission – “The future of the Internet depends on decisions made today, as does the future of music. We believe that Net Neutrality is the best and only way to ensure that both futures remain bright.”  Since 2007, FMC’s Rock the Net campaign <> has served as a platform for artists and independent labels to make their voices heard on this crucial issue. The full text of the letter is below.
“It’s great to have the voices of musicians at the forefront of this fight, since their creativity is threatened by any move to restrict Internet freedom,” said Justin Ruben, Executive Director of “And it’s a sober reminder that a pay-to-play Internet will have dire consequences for all reaches of American lives and what we love.”
Many of the artists are posting on Twitter and Facebook, urging fans to call the FCC (  At this same link, fans can also watch a video of a speech in which Senator Al Franken describes the Net Neutrality debate as, “the First Amendment issue of our time.”