U2 to Release Free Song For Charity

U2 are releasing a song for free in order to raise money for the AIDS awareness campaign.

The Irish rockers’ will debut their new song, Invisible, in a commercial for the charity set to air during the Super Bowl telecast in America on February 2, 2014.

The track will then be available for free via iTunes, and for every download during that period, Bank of America will donate $1 to the campaign up to a maximum of $2 million, which will benefit the Global Fund To Fight Aids, Tuberculosis And Malaria.

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Frontman Bono helped found the charity in 2006. He and his partners have raised more than $241 million for the fund, which provides life-saving treatments to millions of people in poor countries.


U2 To Receive The Sonny Bono Visionary Award

Irish rockers U2 are set to receive the Sonny Bono Visionary Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

The award is typically given to film directors, but this January the other Bono and his bandmates will be feted for their “unparalleled humanitarian work against extreme poverty, disease, and social injustice,” according to festival chairman Harold Matzner.

Previous recipients include Danny Boyle and Quentin Tarantino.

Sandra Bullock, Bruce Dern and Tom Hanks will also be honored at the 25th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival in California.

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Julian Lennon Discusses His Father’s Legacy on Larry King Now!

Julian Lennon was a special guest on this week’s Larry King Now. Watch this revealing interview about his 15 year hiatus, his new album Everything Changes rekindling his passion and why growing up with an iconic father was not a fairytale!

Watch the video on Hulu here

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Bono Enjoys Special Lunch With Obama Family

Irish rocker and philanthropist Bono enjoyed a very special lunch date this week (begs17Jun13) after inviting U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama to join him for lunch at his favorite local pub.

The U2 frontman and his wife Ali closed down Finnegan’s of Dalkey in his nativeDublin for the private event as Obama and her two daughters, Sasha and Malia, arrived for the meal, but they weren’t alone – around 60 other guests were also in attendance for the luncheon.

Dishes on the menu included fish and chips, cottage pie and smoked bacon, and the owners of the family-run pub even made an extra effort to make the Obamas feel at home by hanging an American flag above the main entrance.

Addressing the high-profile lunch meeting, Bono says, “We talked about everything and nothing. It was a family lunch.”

U.S. President Barack Obama was not in attendance at the meal as he was meeting with world leaders at the G8 Summit in neighbouring Northern Ireland.

Julian Lennon ‘Everything Changes’ Album Out Now

Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Julian Lennon returns with new album Everything Changes, available exclusively now on iTunes. Everything Changes, his first album in 15 years, is a masterwork of powerfully vulnerable and sophisticatedly accessible adult pop. The album is packaged with an insightful documentary Through The Picture Window. The 40 minute film chronicles the recording process with guest appearances from Bono and Steven Tyler. Watch this special film clip showcasing Julian’s passion for photography. See below for his monumetal image of Bono and John Lennon.

Bono Wows Crowd With Frank Sinatra Song

U2 rocker Bono stunned diners and drinkers at a New York piano bar over the weekend when he stepped up to perform standards with billed performers Jim Caruso and Billy Strich.

The duo was performing at the Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle Hotel in New York, when the Irish star joined them for a rendition of I’ve Got You Under My Skin – a track he once recorded with the late Frank Sinatra.

Singer Caruso tells the Huffington Post, “Bono walked in. It was impossible not to recognize the guy – the glasses alone gave him away!

“They were seated in the corner, where they rocked, bopped, swayed and snapped. He kept giving me the thumbs-up when he’d like a tune and (was) singing along quietly.

“The room was stopped cold (when Bono hit the stage). (It was) just another miraculous Bemelmans moment! After the last note was crooned, Bono flew out the door, waving to everyone.”

Bono Shoots Down Billionaire Reports Following Facebook Flotation

U2 rocker Bono has shut down rumours he is set to become one of the richest rockers in the world after’s flotation on the stock exchange.

The social networking site became one of the US stock market’s largest ever flotations, with the site eventually being valued at £66 billion, more than McDonalds and, when trading closed on Friday.

Bono was rumoured to overtake Sir Paul McCartney in the money stakes thanks to his 2.3 per cent stake in the site which his investment group snapped up for £57 million in 2009.

It was believed the deal would net him around £949 million, outstripping McCartney’s reported fortune of £632 million, but the superstar insists the Beatles legend is still the richest man in music.

He tells MSNBC, “Contrary to reports, I’m not a billionaire or going to be richer than any Beatle – and not just in the sense of money, by the way, the Beatles are untouchable – those billionaire reports are a joke.”

Bono Proud of AIDS Progress

Bono has heaped praise upon America’s politicians and medical researchers for their decade-long commitment to fighting AIDS.

The singer and devoted activist penned an opinion piece for The New York Times on Thursday in honor of World AIDS Day and in the article, he thanks a handful of U.S. leaders for their courageous work in creating such progress.

He writes, “Today, here we are, talking seriously about the end of this global epidemic. There are now 6.6 million people on life-saving AIDS medicine. But still too many are being infected. New research proves that early antiretrorviral treatment, especially for pregnant woman, in combination with male circumcision will slash the rate of new H.I.V. cases by up to 60 per cent. This is the tipping point we have been campaigning for. We’re nearly there.

“How did we get here? America led. I mean really led… A conservative president, George W. Bush, leading the largest ever response to the pandemic; the same Mr. Bush banging his desk when I complained that the drugs weren’t getting there fast enough, me apologizing to Mr. Bush when they did; Bill Clinton, arm-twisting drug companies to drop their prices; Hilary Rodham Clinton, making it policy to eradicate the transmission of H.I.V. from mother to child; President Obama, who is expected to make a game changing announcement this World AIDS Day, to finish what his predecessors started…

“And then there were the everyday, every-stripe Americans. Like a tattooed trucker I met off I-80 in Iowa who, when he heard how many African truck drivers were infected with H.I.V., told me he’d go and drive the pills there himself. Thanks to them, America led. Really led.”

U2 Unsure What Their Future Holds

After recently wrapping up their highest grossing tour of all time, it seems as if U2 are not sure what lies ahead for them as a band. “I’m not so sure the future hasn’t dried up,” Bono told Rolling Stone. The singer admitted he’s been taking heat from his bandmates for such talk. “The band are like, ‘Will you shut up about being irrelevant?’ Ironically, being forced to look back at this period reminds me of how we might re-emerge for the next phase.”