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NYC PR Man David Salidor Exits Brett Winterble XM Show

dis COMPANY’s David Salidor who served as celebrity booking producer for XM’s Brett Winterble eponymous talk show, has exited the post, as a format-change next month is in the works for the satcaster.

Said Salidor, “I know for a fact that in the 18 months I was there, we built a very strong base for Brett. His interviews with the likes of Steve Van Zandt; Micky Dolenz; Rudy Giuliani; Robert Funaro; Peter Max; and, Malcolm McDowell were very well received. I want to thank Brandon D’Amore for the opportunity. It’s a real shame this is not continuing as Brett had a real gift for the interview. He listened.

Radio is a volatile medium for sure and in a way, it’s amazing it lasted for as long as it did. ”

Salidor continues to operate his PR/Management firm the dis COMPANY.

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On The Radio: XM’s Brett Winterble Interviews Monkee Micky Dolenz

While tub thumping his new album (Live At BB King’s) on XM’s BRETT WINTERBLE the other day, the two got into a conversation over the antics of some of today’s teen-idols … as Micky was one of the first ever, during his early-tenure with The Monkees.

Dolenz said, “The best thing that ever happened to me was that after Circus Boy (his early TV show). My parents took me out of show business, so I didn’t have that period of being a has been, and I went back to school, and then 8 years later The Monkees hit. I was studying to be an architect, and, I had show business to fall back on.”

Continues Winterble, “That’s the measure of success, sometimes the parents have got to say no. Sometimes the most liberating word of all is no.”

On The Radio: Brett On Baldwin

Poor Alec can’t catch a break. Radio-talking head BRETT WINTERBLE, guesting on WOR 710, got into a fashion-critique on Alec Baldwin in the 30 Rock-actor’s latest kerfuffle with a paparazzo on the streets of New York … “Alec please get rid of those old-man shoes … I think it’s time to update with something more fashionable.” Guest Richard Ayoub, from, added that “everyone knows that in his age bracket, match the shoes with the socks.”

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XM radio host BRETT WINTERBLE interviewed New York Times Magazine chief correspondent MARK LEIBOVICH on his new book This Town; Two Parties and a Funeral plus plenty of Valet Parking! (Blue Rider Press); where Leibovich reflects on Washington and the town it has become. “It’s become a full carnival in recent years; DC has become the wealthiest community in the U.S.”

Reflecting on the return of such dubious names as Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner, Liebovich says, “The unemployment line in politics is never really that long; you just knew guys like Spizter and Weiner will be back, be it with a blog or book.”

Winterble offered up a talk radio show option for them, but Leibovich said the “moral character of talk radio is way too high even for those guys.”

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XM’s BRETT WINTERBLE’s interview tonight with celebrity attorney MARK GERAGOS (promoting his new book with Pat Harris, Mistrial: An Inside Look At How The Criminal Justice System Works … And Sometimes Doesn’t) resulted in a few revelations from the famous barrister, who’s represented everyone from Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Winona Ryder, Mike Tyson, and Scott Peterson.

Winterble asked him about the inherent pressure as a celebrity trail looms. Geragos said, “You’ve got to trust your game … and, keep a laser focus.” Winterble also asked him about the jury in a bold-faced names situation, saying usually “You’re dealing with a jury that tried to get out of jury duty.” Geragos replied, “It’s somewhat reversed, where you have a jury really fixated on getting involved with a celebrity trial. I remember during the Robert Blake trial (who Gerragos briefly represented), there was a juror holding a self-made CD outside the court.”

Partner Pat Harris said that “The justice system is often at odds with the legal system; we remind every client we’ll get you through the legal system.”


Kim Goldman, the sister of murdered brother Ron Goldman, was interviewed on the BRETT WINTERBLE/XM radio show, and amid discussion of the situation in Steubenville and the Jodi Arias trial, came out hard reflecting on the advent of social media in society today; “I think kids today essentially face the same issues we did growing up, but they don’t realize that due to social media, it’s available instantly on twitter and Instagram. We made Kim Kardashian a star because of a sex tape.” No doubt noting the irony that her father Robert Kardashian, was one of OJ’s Dream Team members.

Winterble commented that if the parents are paying for the Internet service, they could ultimately be held responsible if something happen. Goldman, who has gone into being a victims-advocate also reference the Ron Goldman Foundation for Justice, run by her and her father Fred.

On The Radio: All Things Ted on XM’s Brett Winerble

Rocker Ted Nugent is bragging that he killed more than 400 wild pigs in a Texas field last weekend .

Nugent, who has been touring for over 50 years, tells Brett Winterble on XM 166, “I took my machine gun in the helicopter — in the Texas hill country – me and my buddy ‘Pigman’ … his name is ‘Pigman’ – I’m the swine czar. I killed 455 hogs with my machine gun. i did it for Bill Maher and all those other animal rights freaks out there.”

The radical right wing musician has done this before. In fact, his exploits were documented last September on the Sportsman Channel.

Nugent says he fired off 750 rounds a minute. He knows this so-called sport isn’t making him popular with a segment of the population. “My haters will hate me more for that,” he proudly states.

But he claims, “We saved the environment from the destruction of these out-of-control pigs and I’m not talking about Washington D.C. or San Francisco … I’m actually talking about actual pigs.”

His says his actions help save farms and taxes and wildlife, “because the hogs destroy all the ground nesting birds, they destroy all the turkey eggs and all the quail eggs — they eat and kill fawns — they erode the land and destroy habitat”

And he says “we distributed tons of the most delicious pork to the soup kitchens and homeless shelters of this state. Everything we did was perfect – win win win.”

The 64-year-old concluded, “I had to adjust my halo as I was machine gunning hogs.”

On The Radio: Columbia People Re-Unite At Davis Town Hall Meeting

At yesterday’s Sirius/XM Town Hall meeting at Radio City Music Hall, where music-chieftain CLIVE DAVIS held court discussing his current bio THE SOUNDTRACK OF MY LIFE, one of the questions chosen from the audience was from Barbara Winterble, who worked at the Columbia Records A&R department some 48 years ago with Mike Berniker, Charlie Calello, Bruce Lundvall and Micky Eichner; and whose son Brett, has his own talk show on the station; THE BRETT WINTERBLE SHOW.

She well recalls Davis, then functioning as general counsel for the label, as well as when recalls “Simon and Garfunkel coming by to hang out at the office,” right before Sounds of Silence hit big, she recalls.

The two had a lively chat and Davis confirmed to being a guest on her son’s show. The show will air Saturday night on Sirius/XM.

NYC Talkfest: SIRIUS-XM Radio Host Brett Winterble and Life of PI Director Ang Lee

Burger-loving director Ang Lee’s last flick—before Life Of Pi won him his second Best Director Oscar last Sunday night—was the critically acclaimed TAKING WOODSTOCK, Lee’s groovy vision of writer ELLIOT TIBER’s first-hand account of how he helped save the Woodstock Festival in the Summer of ’69.

Now comes word, via Brett Winterble’s talkfest on SIRIUS-XM RADIO–who’ll interview Tiber Wednesday AM – that Square One Publishers, the maverick house that released Tiber’s first book, as well as Tiber’s newest tome Palm Trees on the Hudson, has inked the writer for a third and final memoir, tentatively titled AFTER WOODSTOCK. Paging Mr. Lee . . .


New York — XM RADIO’s BRETT WINTERBLE interviewed JENNA HILL MISCAVIGE; the niece of Scientology-leader DAVID MISCAVIGE, on her thoughts of having left the Church of Scientology in 2008, as portrayed in her new book “My Secret life Inside Scientology And My Harrowing Escape (Morrow).” Winterble asks her about her uncle in her early days, asking what he was like, “He popped up every so often, brought presents, but the people around him were always very afraid of him. I heard stories of him yelling and beating people.”

Winterble also comments that many aspects of Scientology have an almost militaristic-quality to them. “L. Ron Hubbard was in the Navy and so many of his rules went that route.” Jenna met her husband in the Church and left together in 2008. Winterble asked if there had been any retaliation from the church for their exit. “In the beginning we were followed and they met with my husband’s parents to try to convince them we had joined some sort of terrorist group. They finally gave up and stopped.”

Winterble comments on the public’s ongoing fascination with many of Scientology’s celebrity members, like Tom Cruise and John Travolta. “What most people don’t realize is that the celebrity sect of the Church is very different. There’s a beautiful church, secret entrance, but very different. The Church targets celebrities because everyone follows them.”