Broadway To Get A Dose of Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill

Seven-time Grammy Award winner Alanis Morissette will take her 1995 hit album, Jagged Little Pill, to the Broadway stage debuting a workshop production of the piece in 2014. The musical, also called “Jagged Little Pill,” will include the full song list from the album as well as tracks from the rest of her body of work and some new, original songs that she will compose specially for the stage production. Two-time Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winner Tom Kitt (“Next To Normal”, Green Day’s “American Idiot”) has signed on to provide orchestrations and arrangements. Kitt will be next represented on Broadway with his new, original musical “If/Then” opening in March 2014.

“Jagged Little Pill” will be produced by veteran Broadway producer Vivek J. Tiwary, who saw success with a similar venture, Green Day’s “American Idiot,” and British-Malaysian producer Arvind Ethan David.

“I look forward to taking the heart of Jagged Little Pill and expanding its story, fleshing it out into ever deeper layers of emotionality, specificity, humanity, power, physicality, spirit and fabulism,” shared Morissette. “I look forward to collaborating with Vivek and Tom and our whole inspiring team to create something greater than the sum of our parts.”

Jagged Little Pill, co-written with Morissette by the album’s producer Glen Ballard, sold over 33 million copies worldwide, producing six hit singles. The album is still the best-selling debut release by a female artist in the U.S. and the highest-selling debut album worldwide in music history. It debuted at number one on the Billboard charts, where it stayed for 12 weeks, and was eventually ranked as the number one best-selling album of the 1990’s, certified 16x Platinum. Morissette won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year, making her the youngest artist in history to win the title at age 21. She also won the Grammy for Best Rock Album and the single “You Oughta Know” won Best Female Rock Vocal Performance and Best Rock Song. Morissette’s musical success spans globally with over 60 million albums sold, seven Grammy Awards, 12 Canadian Juno Awards, two Golden Globe nominations and multiple contributions to major theatrical releases, including THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA and CITY OF ANGELS.

“Jagged Little Pill was a triumph of self-expression– an album that was impossible to ignore with its massive sound and raw honesty. I’m proud to be working with Alanis to bring that same emotional power and bravery onto a Broadway stage,” said producer Tiwary. “We need more Broadway musicals with a serious, relatable emotional core and strong female voices. So we’re looking forward to honoring the Jagged Little Pill legacy– while still surprising fans with some unexpected twists.”

“Alanis’ songs have always uniquely combined narrative clarity with dramatic power– bringing them to the Broadway stage feels like bringing them home,” added David.

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Green Day Documentary BRroadway Idiot to Kick-Off CBGB Music & Film Festival

The CBGB Music & Film Festival has announced the 2013 official film lineup, which will feature over 60 feature films and shorts including world and US premieres mixed in with shorts, fan favorites and a wide selection of music driven movies. The fest will kick off with BROADWAY IDIOT (a documentary following Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong and the making of his Broadway bound American Idiot) and the highly anticipated US theatrical premiere of the feature film, CBGB.

“We have taken a big step into the future with this year’s unique selection of films,” states Film Festival Director, Joe Amodei. “We have secured over 25 U.S. and World Premieres in addition to including a selection of shorts for the first time. Our film selections will showcase a solid mix of music genres including rock, bluegrass, pop and folk, while also exploring the foreign music culture of countries such as Brazil, Italy, London, Australia and the underground punk scenes in Montreal and Toronto. We have also brought back some fan favorites and a host of films that have never played to NYC audiences.”

“The CBGB Music & Film Festival aims to become the largest international film festival in the world for premiering and showcasing movies and shorts that focus exclusively on music.” Said CBGB Music & Film Festival executive producer Tim Hayes. “No other major film festival in the county provides such a large platform for music based movies and there is no better place than New York City to do it.”

The CBGB Film Festival is a five-day festival/conference that will take place from Wednesday, October 9 to Sunday, October 13. The fest will premiere an estimated 60 feature films and shorts, featuring Q&A sessions with directors, producers and actors.

For the complete list of films and schedules please go to the festival website:

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On Broadway: Last Call For Newsies Nicholas Lampiasi

(Photo): BruceGlikas

Ten-year old Nicholas Lampiasi, ended his year run in Disney’s Newsies this past weekend, and was feted at Robert Earl’s (Planet Hollywood) new restaurant Buca di Beppo in Times Square, prior to his final show.

Most of the cast attended, as well as director Jeff Calhoun; Jake Lucas; Josh Colley; Cameron Colley; Jacob & David Guzamn; as well as PR-persons Ayana Brown and David Salidor.

Up-and-coming artist Dominick DiPietrantonio also showed as well.
With the movies and TV calling, it shouldn’t be long till we Nicholas up on the silver screen.

Green Day’s Broadway American Idiot Now A Musical Documentary

Broadway Idiot, a documentary about a play based on an album, is set to screen in select theaters this fall.

Green Day’s American Idiot, the album, was first released in 2004, then later adapted into a musical by the same time, which premiered in 2009 and opened on Broadway in 2010, before hitting the road as a tour in 2011.

Broadway Idiot, which was first announced back in January and premiered at South By Southwest in March, follows Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, who appeared in some Broadway performances of the show, in his journey to adapt the album into a musical.

The Doug Hamilton-directed documentary showcases tons of behind the scenes footage, interviews, and more, and opens in New York on Oct. 11 and in select markets in the U.S., Canada, as well as on demand, Oct. 1st.

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On Broadway: Disney’s Newsies Nichololas Lampiasi In The MP3 Experiement

Last Sunday Newsies’ Nicholas Lampiasi, participated in the MP3 Experiment 10 – created by the company Improv Everywhere. Thousands of people gathered at South Street Seaport to simultaneously listen to an MP3 and follow the instructions they were given on it.

They were told to “blend in” ahead of time so people NOT participating in the event would have no idea what was going.

They were given a list of certain items they needed to bring with them ahead of time, including bubbles, sunglasses, a dollar bill, a paper with their name on it and their high school yearbook quote, and something red.

They were asked to lay down, walk in slow motion, walk backwards in slow motion, go up to someone who wasn’t participating and give them a dollar bill, make a paper airplane and fly it, find someone who looks like them and take a picture with them, and, to blow bubbles.

According to reports, several thousand people participated in the event. Said ten-year old Nicholas, “It was a great event to have been a part of … very New York for sure.”

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Sunny and Nicholas

10-year old NICHOLAS LAMPIASI from Disney’s Newsies, was at Monday night’s ‘5th Annual National High School Music Awards’, hosted by Laura Osnes and Santino Fontano, and met up with Sandy aka Sunny from Annie, on the red carpet.

Lampiasi, essays Les in the Disney-production.

At this “Super Bowl” of amateur musical theater, student winners of awards competitions that take place across the United States performed songs exclusively from the musical theater canon in the quest to win the coveted title of Best Performance by an Actress or Best Performance by an Actor and a Jimmy™ Award, named for legendary Broadway producer/theater owner James M. Nederlander, in recognition of his generous support of young artists.

Founded in 2009, NHSMTA’s mission is to raise the profile of high school theater programs, recognize dedicated teachers and inspire the next generation of theater performers and enthusiasts. Produced by the Broadway Education Alliance, NHSMTA is comprised of professional theaters coast to coast whose annual regional musical theater competitions involve more than 1,000 schools and 50,000 teens committed to developing their performance and personal skills. To date, NHSMTA has been the catalyst for more than $750,000 in educational scholarships awarded to deserving students.

Photo Alert: Rising Disney Star Nicholas Lampiasi On The Couch

10-year Broadway-wunderkind NICHOLAS LAMPIASI, from Disney’s Newsies, appeared yesterday on CBS’ LIVE FROM THE COUCH with JOSH ELLIOT; CAROLINA BERMUDEZ; and, LISA KERNEY. He spoke about his Newsies-role as Les and his role in the new movie, Molly’s Theory Of Relativity (written and produced by Jeff Lipsky) opening this Friday, March1.


NICHOLAS LAMPIASI, current on the boards at Newsies is a certified-Broadway veteran … and, he’s only 10. He’s in the Disney show through the fall and before that, was in the National Tour of Billy Elliot. His first movie, called Molly’s Theory Of Relativity (from acclaimed director Jeff Lipsky), comes out Friday, March 1. And, he’s on WCBS’ Live From The Couch this Monday. How did he get to be this big … this fast?

We caught up with the pint-size wunderkind in his dressing room at Newsies, at the Nederlander Theatre.

Q: You’re already something of a Broadway veteran … tell us a little of the excitement for you.

A: NEWSIES is a really fun show to be in and I love that there are so many guys in the show – and that they are all such talented dancers, gymnasts and singers. I also love that my character Les is really feisty and not intimidated by the older Newsies and wants to be one of them. We are so lucky to performing in front of AMAZING audiences who really get into the show and that gives us so much energy on stage. Some of the guys in the show say that now we know what it feels like to be in a “Boy Band” I think we should call ourselves “1899 Direction” instead of “One Direction.”

Q: How did the Broadway-bug get to you? Did you know right away?

A: I’m the youngest of 4 kids in my family, and I definitely got the theatre bug from my older sisters Diana (20) and Rebecca (18), and my brother Jeffrey (16). There was always someone singing, dancing, filming a student film or doing something creative in my house, so of course I decided I needed to try it too! Billy Elliot was actually my first theatre audition ever and I was in 1st grade and 7 years old when I auditioned. When I found out I got the part I was SO excited. I didn’t realize how much hard work it would be because I had never done a show before, but when I started performing in front of the audience it felt so great and I knew it was something I LOVED doing.

Q: Tell us about the Billy Elliot experience.

A: I was the youngest kid in the show, and the only Small Boy, so I did all 8 performances a week. I had to be really focused because I opened the show by myself, walking down the aisle of the theater carrying a boom box on my shoulder right through the audience. Each theatre was different, so my entrance was different in each city and how I got on to the stage would change.

Q: How did the role in the Molly come about?

A: After I got back from the Billy Elliot I started going out on some commercial and TV/Film auditions. I had done a bunch of student films in the past, but this was my first real film.

Q: Did you enjoy that a lot?

A: It was exciting to work with such great actors and a really talented creative team. It was also very funny that once I got on set I realized I knew the other little girl in the movie. She lives 5 minutes from my house and we had done a theater summer camp together the summer before.

Q: Have you made some good friends in the Broadway community?

I usually run into the same kids at most theater auditions so over the years we’ve started to become friends. The people from the Billy Elliot tour were my first real theater “family” because we didn’t just work together, we did EVERYTHING together. There were about 20 kids on that tour and we did our school work together, did “field trips” to local museums, had nerf gun wars in the hallways of our hotel and even celebrated the holidays together.

Q: When you’re not in school or on the stage … what do you like to do?

A:I love to play piano, do gymnastics, dance and play with my two dogs, Ben & Jerry. I also am learning computer programming.

Spice Girls Want to Bring Musical to U.S

The Spice Girls are working on plans to transfer their West End musical to Broadway.

The girl group launched Viva Forever! in London in December and they are now planning to take the show to New York’s famed theater district.

Bandmember Emma Bunton says, “The plan is to go abroad with the show and we’re very optimistic. We want to get it out on Broadway.”

The show received scathing reviews from critics and lackluster ticket sales sparked speculation the London show would be closed early, but producer Judy Craymer is adamant the rumors are not true and they also hope to expand the production into Asia.

She says, “We want to get it out to Broadway – that’s the plan. There are talks in progress. Japan and Asia also want it.

“We just want to make sure we have the product right in London first. The critics were always going to give us a hard time, but the truth is it’s sold out until June. Feedback from audiences has been amazing. Spice Girls fans are loving every minute… It’s been hard – but just like any show is hard to start from scratch and launch on the West End.”

Cher Staging Broadway Musical About Her Life: “It’s a VERY SLOW PROCESS!"

(Hollywood Reporter)—According to Cher, there are three sides to the iconic musician — and they will all be featured in a forthcoming Broadway musical.

The Burlesque star explained that the show would feature three important stages in her life: the first before meeting future husband Sonny Bono through the couple’s Sonny & Cher days; another after her split from Bono through her comeback Believe tour; and current day, which includes recording new music and a potential fall tour. According to the singer, the show would feature her original music.“Prod r trying 2 write musical now about my life with my music,” Cher wrote on Twitter Monday, adding that she will help write the script because, “I was there and know the stories that no one knows but me!”

“I hope it happens!” Cher added of the project. “It’s a VERY SLOW PROCESS! Been working on it quite a while now.”

As for whether the show would be a starring vehicle for the 66-year-old, Cher jokes that she may play “old Cher.”

“She’s wise n tells 2 young 1’s not 2 fear future,” she wrote.

Cher is currently working on a new album — her 26th — to feature what she describes as “hardcore dance” music, including one track written by Lady Gaga and produced by RedOne. In February, the singer told fans that she would be hitting the road for a tour in September.