Cactus Moser

Wynonna Judd Froze In Shock As She Saw Hubby Hurt

Country star Wynonna Judd was left frozen in shock as she stood over her legless husband Cactus Moser as he fought to stay alive following a horrific motorcycle accident last summer.

Moser was following Judd’s vehicle on a highway in South Dakota in August, just two months after their wedding, when his bike veered across the center of the road and collided with an oncoming car.

Judd rushed to her new husband’s side as he lay shattered and bleeding on the road and admits she struggled to take in the severity of the situation at first.

She tells Us Weekly magazine, “I remember standing over Cactus, wondering whether he was alive or not. I kept saying to myself, ‘Be calm, be calm.’ When I realized he was still alive, I noticed the leg was gone. I saw remnants of it… all over the highway. I just stood there, trying to make sense of it all.”

Moser, who plays in his wife’s band, underwent surgery, and relied on Judd to nurse him back to health – and although the health crisis put a strain on their relationship, they insist it has brought them closer together.

Moser says, “We’re living two different realities. We learned to respect that we each have our own pain.”