Cameron Diaz

Trend Alert: Painting the Town Red! The Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Shortly after The 84th Annual Academy Awards, Hollywood’s most elite flocked to the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, but not without a quick costume change. To party the rest of the night away, stars such as Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, and Jennifer Lopez transformed outfits to sparkle in ruby shades!

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Cameron Diaz Urges Young Stars To Work Harder

Cameron Diaz has offered youngsters with their sights set on movie stardom some stern advice – “You have to work for it!” The actress admits she’s tired of young stars who think Hollywood’s doors should always be open to them and she fears that kids today expect life and fame to come easy.

But she insists she had to battle to become one of the movie business’ top stars – and newcomers should too.
The Mask star tells WENN, “It drives me so crazy when people don’t have a good work ethic. If you’re gonna be here, work your a** off. I’m telling the youth of today.
“There’s a handful that do have a work ethic and they stand out and they’re the ones that are gonna go far because the majority of kids just think that everything should just be handed to them; that they’re entitled to it.” And she urges parents not to make it easy for their kids: “It’s the generation of the credit card. My parents didn’t have credit cards. You didn’t get to have something you couldn’t pay for when I was a kid. When I wanted something I had to have the money to buy it. I think the mentality that we don’t have to have the money to have things, means you don’t have to work to have them. I see that a lot with the youth.
“From 33 years old and below, kids have no concept of what it is to work hard and, in the business we’re in, making movies, you get nowhere if you’re not willing to work your a** off because we work major hours. You need to work really hard to make a movie.”