Carol Beadle

‘Odd’ Katy Perry

Katy Perry‘s stylist wanted her to look “odd” in her video for ‘E.T.’

Carol Beadle – who worked alongside director Floria Sigismondi to create the singer’s outlandish and unearthly look in the video – explained Katy’s outfits were inspired by “jellyfish and amoebas”.

She said: “I just wanted Katy to look really odd, unreal if we could, but still fashionable. I was looking at jellyfishes and amoebas; those words were constantly used and we wanted it to look like a flash of an amoeba and then it coming to life.

“To make it look 2011, it has to have a context and a reference point.”

While she did take the ‘Firework’ hitmaker’s body shape and style into account when designing the kooky pieces, Carol admitted the main aim of the video was to tell the story of an extra-terrestrial romance.

She added to MTV News: “I tried to see her body type and her personality and how she’s perceived but, really, the main focus was on the director and I and making the story work and making her the lead.

“I designed her first outfit and last outfit. With the first one, we wanted her to look like she was on fire and falling from the sky.”