Charlie Shen

Two and a Half Men Premiere Rakes In Nearly 27.8 Million Viewers

It looks like Two and a Half Men is going to be just fine without Charlie Sheen. Season 9 of the show premiered Monday night to 27.8 million viewers – the highest viewership ever for an episode of the show.

The premiere introduced depressed billionaire Walden Schmidt, played by Ashton Kutcher, as the replacement for lead character Charlie Harper, who was killed off because CBS fired actor Charlie Sheen earlier this year. Schmidt buys the house Harper shared with his brother Alan (played by John Cryer).

CBS’ new sitcom Two Broke Girls also received good ratings. About 19.2 million viewers tuned in to the premiere while ABC’s Dancing with the Stars followed close behind with 18.6 million viewers. NBC’s The Playboy Club and Sing-Off fell short with about 5 million viewers each.