Cher Staffer Disposes of Spider-Infested Wig

Cher had to throw away a wig because it was infested with spiders.

The ‘Believe’ star was upset when one of her favorite orange headpieces went missing, but one of her assistants explained she had thrown it out after discovering it was infested with creepy crawlies.

A friend told the National Enquirer magazine: “The staffer told Cher she thrown out the wig and its storage box because spiders were nesting in the hairy headpiece and she even saw their eggs in it.

“Not wanting creepy crawlies all over her superstar boss, the staff all agreed it was the best thing to ditch the wig rather than trying to clean it. Cher agreed and ordered them to call an exteminator.”

Cher has long been a fan of outrageous wigs – sporting one made entirely from newspaper trimmings for her recent ‘Woman’s World’ single – despite having perfectly normal hair, because they make it easy for her to change her look.

She has previously said: “My real hair is all under here, real tight to the head, that’s all. It is long and brunette. There’s nothing wrong with my hair, but I love wigs, and always have. They are so low maintenance. It just makes it easier to change my image.”

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Cher To Undergo Foot Surgery

Pop superstar Cher is preparing to undergo foot surgery to fix a problem that has plagued her for 16 years.

The Believe hitmaker, 67, recently took to her blog to tell fans that she suffered a compound fracture in the late 1990s when a piece of equipment fell off the wall of her rehearsal studio and “crushed” her foot.

Cher admits she suffers every time she slips into high heels as a result of the incident, and now she is set to sort out the issue once and for all.

She donned stilettos once more on Monday (04Nov13) for an appearance as a guest judge on a tribute episode of U.S. reality show Dancing With the Stars, but reveals she will have to hold off on wearing heels again until just before Christmas as she recovers from the operation.

Returning to Twitter on Tuesday morning (05Nov13), she writes, “Last Nite,WASLast Nite 2Wear Heels Till After Operation…Sooo…I Bit The Bullet..&..Wore Them!Heaven & pain,But Worth It… 6 wks (weeks) till I’m running around on Stilettos(sic)!”

The surgery will give Cher plenty of time to recover before she heads out on the road next March (14) for her 49-date Dressed To Kill tour.

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"Dancing with the Stars": Cher the Judge Takes the Stage

Cher brought some major star-power to “Dancing with the Stars” on Monday night. At the start of the show, the 67-year-old songstress performed her song “Believe” before sitting down at the judges’ table, filling in for Len Goodman.

Her presence was felt throughout the show, as she complimented the contenders, mostly handing out 9s.

At one point, Cher fielded a question from a fan: If she could turn back time, to what time would you go? “I’d go back to the 80s…I just had so much fun in the ’80s, I cannot tell you. Maybe too much!”

But Monday wasn’t all about Cher — some competitive dancing had to be done.

Week 8 got under way with Corbin Bleu got and Karina Smirnoff’s tango, which earned rave reviews from Cher; she called the routine “amazing.” They danced away with a score of 27.

Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke brought the tango for Cher’s “The Beat Goes On.” Feeling the pressure, Osbourne said, “If we do a really bad job, it could really bum her out.” Luckily, Cher was impressed, calling it “great” and adding, “You were like a pimp!” Read more>>

Source: CBS

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Chaz Bono Tutoring Mom Cher for ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Cher said she needed a little help from son Chaz Bono getting ready for her guest-judging stint on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’

Cher, 67, told ABC News she was asked to guest judge Monday night, which will also serve as a tribute to her legendary music career.

“I know that people take this seriously,” she said, adding she was surprised when producers asked her to guest judge. “I just don’t want to be responsible for someone getting a different mark than a professional would give them.”

Bono, who competed on the show in 2011, knew what was at stake and offered to help his mom prepare.

“He’s coming tonight to give me tips!” Cher said. “He said, ‘Mom, you don’t understand how seriously people take this. I’m coming over tonight and … I’m going to tutor you.’ Obviously, I’m going to need all the help I can get.”

“Someone’s going to have to do some cramming with me,” she added.

“I don’t know, I don’t know how you judge it,” Cher said. “I was there when Chaz was doing it and saw how difficult it was. I just don’t want to miss some fabulous thing that someone is doing … and that would be a big deal, and I wouldn’t even know it!”

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Cher to Perform, Guest Judge on Next Week’s Dancing With The Stars

ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” celebrates the legendary music career of Cher MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET). The news was confirmed live on this evening’s broadcast.

The iconic Oscar, Grammy and Emmy Award winning singer and actress will open the show with a dazzling and spectacular performance of her hit song “Believe” before joining judges’ Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba to give critiques and scores on each celebrity routine. The seven remaining couples will compete in two rounds of dance. In the first round, each couple will take on a dance style they have not previously performed including the Tango, Argentine Tango, Contemporary, Viennese Waltz, Jazz, Disco, and Foxtrot. The couple to receive the highest total score from the judges in this round will receive immunity and not be subject to elimination. In the second round, the six remaining couples will compete in a thrilling head-to-head “dance off” competition. The winning couples of the “dance off” round will be awarded additional Judges’ points that will be added to their overall score for the night. At the end of the show, Cher will perform her new single, “I Hope You Find It” from her current album, “Closer To The Truth”, which debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard Pop Charts, before one couple is eliminated.

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Cher Was Not Shocked By Phil Spector’s Demise

Pop superstar Cher admits she was not shocked when Phil Spector ended up in prison because his early life was so troubled. Spector was jailed for 19 years-to-life in 2009 after being found guilty of fatally shooting the actress Lana Clarkson at his home in 2003. Now Cher, who worked as a back-up singer for Spector’s acts The Righteous Brothers and The Crystals in his 1960s heyday, has broken her silence about the producer’s incarceration, hinting he was on a path to destruction because of his bizarre family history. She tells Britain’s The Sun newspaper, “I was surprised but I wasn’t shocked (after the murder conviction). It’s so sad but his parents were first cousins and his sister was in an asylum, so he had a troubled life, but he was a genius. Watching him make records was amazing – the talent he had.”

   However, the singer won’t allow Spector’s demise to tarnish her memories of her early days in the studio: “Singing back-up on The Righteous Brothers’ You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ was fun to do. It was a brilliant song and Phillip (Spector) kept saying, ‘Cher, back up, back up’, because my voice cut through. I remember (Beach Boys star) Brian Wilson came to hear it and I was the only girl on the session.”

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Cher’s Not Heartbroken Over Split With Ex-Boyfriend

Cher isn’t heartbroken about splitting from Tim Medvetz.

The ‘Believe’ singer started dating former Hell’s Angel – who is 24 years her junior – in 2008 but ”isn’t grieving ” since dumping him.

The 67-year-old star told Attitude Magazine: ”The one who does the breaking doesn’t do the grieving.”

Cher claims one man she truly loved was Robert Camilletti, whom she dated in the 80s.

The press dubbed Robert ”bagel boy” because he worked in a bagel store but Cher claimed the ”sex was great” and he was perfect.

She added: ”There was drama in the end but it had nothing to do with him and me. It was just that the paparazzi ruined our lives completely.

”There were two of them that were following us and we got a restraining order against them.”

The iconic singer hasn’t ruled out falling in love again and wants a man who is kind but not too smart, because they can end up being ”too into themselves.”

Cher’s first album of original material in more than a decade, ‘Closer to the Truth’, is out now.


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Cher Battling Infection in Europe

   Cher is stuck battling a virus in Europe after her doctor insisted she was too sick to fly home. The Believe hitmaker, who has been on the road promoting her latest album Closer to the Truth, is unable to get back to the U.S. after being laid low with a bad infection. The 67-year-old singer has taken to her page to update fans on her condition, writing, “Still SO! SICK !! Throats (sic) on (fire), cough, fever, think I have gone through 2 tall trees of tissues.” Cher adds, “Hate being sick. Last time (was) Christmas day, 3 yrs (years) ago. This one really sucks, there’s not a part of me that doesn’t hurt. Had 2 (to) start antibiotics… My dr (doctor) won’t let me go home now, but says soon. Love & trust her. I have Virus & Bacterial infection… Throat hurts, fever. OUCH.”

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Cher: Fame Has Ruined My Social Life

Cher says being famous has ruined her social life.

The ‘Believe’ singer claims her superstar status has robbed her of her freedom and she wishes she could go out in public without people hounding her.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “I don’t remember the last time I went out. I am not happy. I like being an artist and really like being creative but I love my freedom too. However that’s one thing I have lost.”

The 67-year-old star – who first shot to fame in 1965 aged 19 – especially misses visiting her favorite tourist hotspots in London, insisting that wearing a disguise wouldn’t help her plight.

Cher said: “I would love to just go to the Victoria and Albert Museum and wander around the exhibitions. It’s one of my favorite places but I just can’t.

“I lived in London twice and loved walking around the city. But not now. It’s hard for me to wear a disguise because people have seen me in every hair color and style imaginable. Everyone’s got a phone camera as well.”

The mother-of-two – who has a son, Chaz, who underwent a sex change to become a man in 2010 – with her late ex-husband Sonny Bono, and son Elijah with ex-husband Gregg Allman – is hoping Elijah will help her fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a grandmother.

She sighed: “I really would like to be one. It would be so great to have the fun part and then send the child home. I’m hoping Elijah may help on that front.”

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