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Chris Brown Defends Himself Against Hit-And-Run Charges

Chris Brown has taken to to defend himself against fresh accusations he left the scene of a traffic accident without exchanging details with the other motorist.
The embattled R&B star has been charged with hit-and-run relating to the minor car accident in Los Angeles last month (May13), despite claims from Brown’s representative and lawyer Mark Geragos that he did what he was required to do at the scene – and even contacted the female motorist he ran into to make sure she had the correct details.
He has also been charged with driving without a valid licence, and faces up to six months behind bars for each offence.
But angry Brown insists he’s completely innocent and in a series of tweets on Tuesday (25Jun13), he attempted to clear his name.
He wrote: “It’s not a hit and run if u (sic) get out the car, exchange information (who has NO DAMAGE to either cars).This is really ridiculous… I have a valid drivers license and I gave the woman the right info. She saw cameras and wanted to make a scene.
“She contacted the cops thinking of a payday from Chris Brown when I followed the proper procedures… My lawyers will be contacting you. I will not stand for this bullying and yellow journalism!”
Brown also changed his Twitter profile picture to a photo of him chatting to the other motorist at the scene of the accident, adding, “My profile pic is the pic I took of the persons (sic) car after ‘the hit and run’. NO damage. Just a dirty car.once again, I gotta clear my name.”
He then attached a photo of the rear of the Mercedes he ran into in a bid to prove the car was not damaged.


XM’s BRETT WINTERBLE’s interview tonight with celebrity attorney MARK GERAGOS (promoting his new book with Pat Harris, Mistrial: An Inside Look At How The Criminal Justice System Works … And Sometimes Doesn’t) resulted in a few revelations from the famous barrister, who’s represented everyone from Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Winona Ryder, Mike Tyson, and Scott Peterson.

Winterble asked him about the inherent pressure as a celebrity trail looms. Geragos said, “You’ve got to trust your game … and, keep a laser focus.” Winterble also asked him about the jury in a bold-faced names situation, saying usually “You’re dealing with a jury that tried to get out of jury duty.” Geragos replied, “It’s somewhat reversed, where you have a jury really fixated on getting involved with a celebrity trial. I remember during the Robert Blake trial (who Gerragos briefly represented), there was a juror holding a self-made CD outside the court.”

Partner Pat Harris said that “The justice system is often at odds with the legal system; we remind every client we’ll get you through the legal system.”

Chris Brown and Drake Sue Each Other

Chris Brown and rapper Drake are suing each other after they were both named in a lawsuit following their alleged fight at a New York nightclub last year.

French model Romain Julien filed a lawsuit against the pair in 2012 over allegations he was injured during the violent brawl broke at Big Apple hotspot W.i.P.

He claims he suffered a severed tendon in his right hand, lacerations from broken glass, cosmetic deformity and mental distress, and he is seeking compensation for his suffering.

But now the music superstars, who have filed legal documents pinning the blame on each other, are asking a U.S. judge to force the loser in their case to cover Julien’s damages if he wins in court, according to

This is the latest lawsuit relating to the bust-up – basketball star Tony Parker is reportedly suing nightclub bosses for his injuries, as is another partygoer who was allegedly harmed during the incident.

Chris Brown Under Investigation For Assault On Frank Ocean

Chris Brown is at the center of another assault investigation. The troubled rapper, who is still on probation for the 2009 beating of girlfriend Rihanna, is accused of attacking R&B star Frank Ocean over a parking space at Westlake Recording Studios in West Hollywood on Sunday. In addition to Brown and Ocean, four other men were involved in the alleged altercation.

“Chris Brown and the victim were involved in an altercation over a parking space. The altercation allegedly led to Chris Brown punching the victim,” the Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement.

Ocean tweeted about the incident. “Got jumped by chris and a couple guys. Lol,” he wrote. “Cut my finger now I can’t play w two hands at the grammys.”

Brown has not commented.

The 23-year-old has a history of violent incidents. He had a violent meltdown in March 2011 following a Good Morning America interview in which he was asked about beating Rihanna. Brown reportedly broke a window in his dressing room and screamed at GMA staff members before storming out of the building. Last June he was involved in a nightclub brawl with Drake. Eight people were injured in the altercation. Neither Brown nor Drake was charged in the incident.

Chris Brown Dukes It Out With Drake’s Entourage

Chris Brown reportedly went toe to toe with members of Drake’s entourage in a New York City nightclub earlier this month. The pair have been at odds over their respective relationships withRihanna. Brown claims he was hit with a bottle in the brawl.

Breezy took to Twitter to share a picture of his chin, which was cut deeply in the incident. According to the U.K.’s the Sun, Brown was rushed to a nearby hospital where he received treatment for the cut.

The tabloid says that Brown incited the fight by sending Drake and his crew a bottle of liquor with a note reading: “I’m f**king the love of your life, deal with it.”

A spokesperson for Drake later denied that the Canadian MC had any involvement with the incident:

“Drake did not participate in any wrongdoing of any kind last night at W.i.P. He was on his way out of the club when the altercation began. He did not engage in any activity which resulted in injury to person or damage to property.”

Stupid Girl Report: Rihanna Defends Collaboration With Chris Brown

In a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest on Thursday, Rihanna defended her decision to collaborate with her abusive ex-boyfriend Chris Brown on two new remixes. The singer, 24, says the choice to feature Brown on her “Birthday Cake” remix and work with him on his own remix of “Turn Up the Music” was simply a smart business move.

“You know, I thought about rappers, [but] the hottest R&B artist out right now is Chris Brown. So I wanted him on the track,” she explained. “I reached out to him about doing ‘Birthday Cake’ because [he was] the only person that really made sense to do the record — just as a musician. Despite everything else, that was gonna be the person.”

“It was a tradeoff,” she added. “We did two records — one for my fans, one for his fans. That way, our fans could come together. There shouldn’t be a divide. It’s music and it’s innocent.”

Rihanna split from Brown, 22, in 2009 after he was arrested for beating her during an argument. He pleaded guilty to felony assault and was sentenced to 5 years of probation, 6 months of community service and 1 year of domestic violence counseling.

Chris Brown Investigated In iPhone Theft Claim

Miami authorities have confirmed investigators are looking into claims rapper Chris Brown, who is currently on probation for assaulting ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, stole an iPhone from a fan over the weekend. The claims were made by 24-year-old Christal Spann. Spann told police she was standing outside the Miami Beach nightclub Cameo early Sunday morning when she spotted Brown and rapper Tyga getting into a black Bentley. She tried to use her cell phone to take a picture.

“At this time [Spann] stated that [Brown] reached through his car window snatched her phone from her hands and said, ‘Bitch you ain’t going to put that on no website,'” the police report says.

Brown then allegedly rolled up his window and left with Spann’s phone. If Brown is arrested for robbery he could be jailed for violating his probation. An insider tells Brown is “telling friends that he has done nothing wrong.”

“Chris is hopeful that the evidence and the true facts of the case will result in no charges being made against him,” the source adds.

Chris Brown Accused Of Stealing Fan’s Cell Phone

Chris Brown could be in hot water again if a Florida woman’s claims that he stole her cell phone prove true.

According to an incident report, Brown is accused of “robbery by sudden snatching” at the Miami Beach nightclub Cameo early Sunday morning.

The alleged victim, Christal Spann, 24, told police that after spotting Brown and rapper Tyga leaving the club through a side door, she and her friends followed the artists onto the street. Brown got into a black Bentley as Spann took out her cell phone and snapped a photo of the singer while he sat in his car. “At this time [Spann] stated that [Brown] reached through his car window snatched her phone from her hands and said, ‘Bitch you ain’t going to put that on no website,’ ” the report says. He then allegedly took the iPhone 4S, rolled up his car window and drove off.

No arrests have been made and no warrants have been issued so far in the case, but TMZ reported that the incident is under investigation. According to E! Online, the Florida State Attorney’s Office is preparing a warrant for Brown’s arrest on suspicion of “robbery by sudden snatching.”

Source: MTV