Chuck Lorre

Charlie Sheen Challenges TV Writer In Hard-hitting Interview

Troubled Charlie Sheen used a U.S. TV interview recorded over the weekend (26-27Feb11) to challenge the creator of his suspended show Two And A Half Men as their war of words turned really nasty.

In the Today Show interview, which aired in America on Monday, the actor was asked what he’d like to say to writer Chuck Lorre, who has been battling Sheen publicly for weeks.

Sheen promptly produced a series of question cards, stating, “It’s funny you’d ask; I have the questions right here.”

He went on to reel off questions directly into the camera, asking Lorre why he had cancelled the remainder of the sitcom series in the wake of Sheen’s rehab and health woes.

He accused Lorre of laziness, suggesting the writer had used Sheen’s problems to shut down the show – because he had no new episodes written.

The actor’s most pertinent question: “When you were told that the crew would suffer gravely as a result of your dictatorial laziness would you please explain what you meant by your statement, ‘They are not my problem’.

“I’m sure there’s, like, 120-something people that would love to hear the answer to that.”