Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry Has Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card

Blondie star Deborah Harry uses a special card given to her by a New York cop to avoid incurring costly fines for driving offenses, the singer said.

The iconic singer admits police officers sometimes let her off with a warning when they realize they have pulled over a rock star, but now she has gone one better by obtaining a card stating she is a “friend” of cops in the Big Apple.

The canny rocker places it next to her driving licence in her purse so officers spot it when she shows them her credentials – and it works every time.

Asked if she ever uses her fame to get around traffic offences, Harry tells Q magazine, “Well, sometimes I don’t have to. I have a friend who’s a New York City sergeant. He gave me a special card to say I’m a friend of the New York City police.

“One time I was pulled over and that card was very conveniently placed close to my driver’s licence. They let me go with a warning… If it was a serious offense it might not mean s**t.”


The Who, Debbie Harry and Other Rockers To Play Charity Gig

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The Who are teaming up with Debbie Harry, Richard  Ashcroft and Jeff Beck to put on a charity concert to raise funds for a pioneering new cancer treatment.

Legendary promoter Harvey Goldsmith and The Who’s manager Bill Curbishley have organised the gig at London’s HMV Hammersmith Apollo in January (11) to help U.K. charity Killing Cancer.
Proceeds from ticket sales will go towards funding the installation of groundbreakinglight therapy lasers in British hospitals.

And Goldsmith admits the cause is close to his heart following the recent death of his beloved mother.
He says, “I lost my mother to cancer in the past 12 months. I saw how she struggled but finally lost the fight.

“The funds Bill, myself and some great friends in the business have already pledged, is giving pancreatic cancer patients real hope”.

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