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Dolly Parton Set To Kick Off "Blue Smoke World Tour This Week

Iconic singer, songwriter, musician, actress, philanthropist, and 2014 Grammy nominee, Dolly Parton, is set to kick off her “Blue Smoke World Tour” this Friday, January 24, in Rancho Mirage, California. In addition this past Friday, Parton announced shows in Tamworth and Cairns being added to the Australian leg of the tour, both shows are already sold out!

“It’s always great to perform at home in the good ol’ USA. We’re kicking off our Blue Smoke World Tour right here at home. I love traveling all over the world; but it’s true, there’s nothing like home,” says Dolly Parton.

After a widely successful tour of Australia in 2011, Parton will head down under for her first visit to New Zealand in over three decades as well as a return visit to Australia. “Australia, here I come again. We have a lot of new and exciting things for the show and can’t wait to share it with you. I love my fans in that part of the world. You’ve been so very good to me for so many years, I’m really, really excited to be coming back to New Zealand again after 30 years or so. And I know that we’re gonna have a wonderful time. It’s a long way from home in your part of the world, but I always feel like I’m right at home. So Australia, New Zealand, I’m coming home. Wait up!”

After returning home from Australia and New Zealand, there is no slowing down for Dolly. In May, Dolly will, once again, hit a few more markets in America before heading across the pond for June concerts in Europe as well as a return to the O2 Arena in London, the venue where Dolly recorded and filmed An Evening With…Dolly (Dolly Records), her widely praised DVD/CD set that was certified GOLD by the RIAA.

“Every time I come to Europe I’m just as excited as I was my very first time, which was many, many years ago. I love that part of the world and I especially love the fans,” adds Parton. “We always have such a good time and I’ve put together a lot of things for this show that I think the fans will love. We had not planned to come back so soon, but we got so much fan mail and such a great reaction that I thought ‘Well, why not. If they’re having a good time and we always do, let’s just do it’.”

In 2011, Dolly continued to receive accolades for what was her most successful European and Australian tour of her 45-plus year career—The Better Day Tour! During the 2011 tour, Dolly performed for record-breaking attendances in both Europe and Australia, surpassing her previous attendance records. In 2008, Dolly performed 17 European shows to over 170,000 fans, surpassing her then-best 2007 European tour, where she played 21 shows for over 140,000 people. Each of these treks grossed in the tens of millions of dollars and established Dolly as Europe’s favorite and most successful country artist.

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Dolly Parton Wants to Renew Wedding Vows For 50th Anniversary

Country superstar Dolly Parton is planning to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary by renewing her vows in 2016.

The 9 to 5 hitmaker has been happily married to Carl Dean since 1966 and she reveals they are eager to mark their relationship milestone with a huge party at their sprawling estate in Nashville, Tennessee.

The 67 year old tells Closer magazine, “We’ve talked about that (renewing vows) – we might do it all over again! Another big wedding…

“(It will) probably be at our big old plantation home. We love it there.”

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Dolly Parton Nets Fortune Whitney Houston

Parton nets fortune on Houston hit

Dolly Parton says she received a “tremendous boost” in songwriting royalties for her song I Will Always Love You following Whitney Houston’s death earlier this year.

Houston’s 1992 version of the ballad, which Parton wrote in the 1970’s, returned to the top of the charts after she passed away in February, as fans flocked to purchase her signature hit.

The country singer previously admitted she was left “shattered” by Houston’s death, and now she has revealed she netted a fortune from the international smash.

Parton tells Britain’s Daily Star Sunday, “I’ve had a tremendous boost in finances since Whitney passed on because there have been lots of new Best Of albums and different people recording the song.

“It really did boost sales. I am so thankful to God for that and to Whitney who did such a good job with it. She made the song go worldwide when it was first released. It’s a song which keeps me in wigs, hair and make-up.”

Parton, who is said to be worth an estimated $400 million, adds, “I still need to work – I have a big family to support. Nobody ever makes that much money, not the kind of money I spend anyway!”

Dolly Parton Celebrates Going Gold!

The first-ever Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® two-disc set, An Evening With… Dolly, has earned a Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) Gold award and today Dolly got to celebrate! The DVD/CD was RIAA certified just four weeks after its April 2 release date and its debut at #2 on Billboard’s Top DVD Music Videos Chart.

“In true Dolly fashion and always on the cutting edge, Dolly was the first to be Sound Scanned in Cracker Barrel’s exclusive music program, and now their first gold record,” said Dolly’s Manager/President of Dolly Records Danny Nozell.

The RIAA gold award marks a first for Cracker Barrel and the first for Dolly Records in the U.S., with previous Gold certifications in Australia and the United Kingdom.

“I’m thrilled that so many fans are listening to my songs and taking a look behind-the-scenes of my European tour,” said Dolly. “I had a wonderful time performing in London and I think the audience did too. It’s exciting to be able to share my experiences with Cracker Barrel fans. And I have to tell you, I’m even more excited that An Evening With… Dolly earned the first Gold in the Cracker Barrel exclusive music program. That’s just icing on the cake.”

Cracker Barrel’s Exclusive Dolly Parton DVD/CD Goes Gold

The first-ever Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® two-disc set, An Evening With…Dolly, has earned a Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) Gold award. The DVD/CD was RIAA certified just four weeks after its April 2 release date and its debut at #2 on Billboard’s Top DVD Music Videos Chart.

The RIAA gold award marks a first for Cracker Barrel and the first for Dolly Records in the U.S., with previous Gold certifications in Australia and the United Kingdom. “I’m thrilled that so many fans are listening to my songs and taking a look behind-the-scenes of my European tour,” said Dolly. “I had a wonderful time performing in London and I think the audience did too. It’s exciting to be able to share my experiences with Cracker Barrel fans. And I have to tell you, I’m even more excited thatAn Evening With…Dolly earned the first Gold in the Cracker Barrel exclusive music program. That’s just icing on the cake.”

“We’re very pleased that An Evening With…Dolly has been so popular with our guests,” said Julie Craig, Cracker Barrel Marketing Manager. “It is our first two-disc set and the first Gold for our exclusive music program. We just couldn’t be prouder of the quality and energy that Dolly brought to this project.” The first-ever Cracker Barrel two-disc set was the second project with Dolly Parton and is available for $11.99 exclusively at all Cracker Barrel locations and online at
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Exclusive! Dolly Parton’s Back On Screen After Almost 20 Years!

By Anne M. Raso

We recently caught up with Dolly Parton who portrays “gorgeous grandma” G.G. Sparrow in the feel good family flick Joyful Noise being released by Warner Brothers on January 13th. G.G. loses her choir conductor husband Bernard (portrayed by Kris Kristofferson) at the beginning of the film and the dynamic duo does a romantic duet in a dream-like sequence in the film when G.G. is missing her late husband–rumors abound that the song will be released as a single from the movie soundtrack.

About the casting of Kristofferson, Dolly confesses to us that Kenny Rogers was actually director Todd Graff’s first choice: “It would have taken the movie in a whole different direction if Kenny played my husband. It would have too Dolly Partonish. (Laughs.) That would have taken the movie in a whole ‘nother place. Kris and I have known each other since when we were both songwriters for Combine Music around 1964 or 1965 in Nashville and my husband and I have socialized with Kris and his wife over the years. We have recorded together in the past with Willie Nelson. I love him dearly and thought it was perfect casting to put us together.”

Why did Dolly wait so long to take another movie role? “There were just no good scripts in all this time. It has been all junk coming my way in the past 18 or 19  years since I did Straight Talk. They could not really put me in the ‘older woman’ roles in that time I was too old to play the younger parts. (In Joyful Noise), I play a grandma who is young at heart and young in spirit. I thought this character was all the things I am–I have a big heart, big hope and big hair. I read the script. I said that I can’t let someone play a character so much like me–it would be like letting someone rip me off! (Laughs.)” She adds, “I have been a lot in the past 20 years. I have been doing Dollywood and touring. People think you haven’t done anything since you were not on the big screen in such a long period of time.”

She is thrilled about the release of Joyful Noise–the only thing is she was panicked about during the film was the dancing sequences: “I was like, ‘Lord, let my feet go where they are supposed to go.’ I dance like a real hillbilly and I clap on the off beat!” The buxom legend continues with a tap of her long red nails on a conference table during the movie’s press day at the Regency Hotel, “I think this movie will appeal to all kinds of people. It has the perfect name. We did make a joyful noise and have a joyful time! And Dana (co-star Queen Latifah) and I have have grown close and find things we admire in each other everyday. We also  gave each other the space we needed on the set. We enjoy doing the interviews for the film together.”

As for looking so great at her age, she says with a laugh, “I see to it that I don’t age–and I know all the tricks!”

(Photos courtesy Warner Brothers Pictures.)

Exclusive! Joyful Noise Press Day With Keke Palmer And Jeremy Jordan

By Anne M. Raso
We were lucky enough to catch up with Keke Palmer and Jeremy Jordan who play love interests in the feel good movie of early 2012, Joyful Noise (due out from Warner Bros. on 1-13). We were lucky enough to get to attend the press roundtables at New York’s Regency Hotel yesterday and after getting to speak to Keke and Jeremy, we had our chance to chat with director Todd Graff (of Camp and Bandslam fame) and the superstars of the film, Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton. All the other stars of the film seemed in awe of Dolly, but that goes without surprise–and director Graff told us that Dolly would bake him fresh fudge in the middle of the night for the next day’s filming because he ate Hershey bars all the time and he explains it, “She wanted me to stop eating things with preservatives!”
In a nutshell, the film is a musical comedy about a null Southern choir trying to work themselves up to the finals of a national competition, and they do indeed make it to the finals in LA–but along the way, there’s the off-again, on-again romance between Keke and Jeremy’s characters, and a whole lot of fighting going on between the Queen character Vi Rose Hill’s rough-and-tumble “survivor” character and Dolly’s rich-lady-about-town character which includes a biscuit fight at a Southern diner! We can’t give anything else away except to say that the great Kris Kristofferson plays Dolly’s character GG Sparrow’s husband Bernard who passes away early in the film–and that the meaning of the name GG is not revealed til about three-quarters into Joyful Noise! Not surprisingly, it means “Gorgeous Grandma”! (Dolly’s not a grandma in real life, as you might know, though)!
Anyway, Keke’s mom is played by The Queen and in real life, Keke and The Queen have known each other about ten years! Keke’s character Olivia Hill seems to not like Jeremy Jordan’s character Randy Garrity at first, but he seems more lovable to hear once he shows off his talents by joining the choir that all the characters belong to and are working so hard to get to the finals. He wears his heart on his sleeve and wears down Olivia in record time. The movie is clean, though, so parents do not have to worry about their kids seeing anything but a six-second smooch.
We spoke to Keke and Jeremy about their chemistry and they admit that when they met they hit it off immediately. But it comes as no surprise that Keke–whose mom was a real-life choir director, just like her onscreen mom Queen Laitifah–was terrified of doing her first big on-screen kiss. “My big make out scene might have only been about six seconds but I consider this my big coming-of-age movie,” Keke confided to us. To which Jeremy adds, “It was animalistic and raw–but I am used to doing this kind of thing sometimes nine times a week on Broadway! (Laughs.) I was the understudy for the lead in Rock Of Ages, and I got this part through a twist of fate. (Director) Todd Graff was in the audience the first night I actually got to go on (in the play)!”

Keke and Jeremy both loved working with the affable Graff and are quick to point out his best attributes: “He knows how to work with larger than life characters and he is also great with nuances! He is very professional and always kind. He was a lot of fun to work with!” Keke went on to add that she was thrilled to work with Dolly Parton because “She always herself–and as funny and kind as you’d expect her to be!”
Keke tells us that she would like to do a “heavy love story” as her next film project while Jeremy tells us, “I would like to do a badass action film!”
We know that big things are ahead for both these rising stars. Be sure to check out Joyful Noise–it can pick you up out of the most blue of moods and it’s a film you can go to with your mom and pop (or even your Sunday school class) and you’ll enjoy the wacky and diverse cast of characters. And let’s us add that’s it great to see Dolly Parton back on the big screen after nearly 20 years (her last film was Straight Talk, believe it or not)!
(Choir shot from film courtesy Warner Brothers; all others by Anne M. Raso.)

Katy Perry, Lady Gaga And Tyler The Creator Lead List Of O Music Awards

Following the success of the inaugural O Music Awards from April, MTV Music Group today announced that O Music Awards 2, the multiplatform event celebrating and honoring the artists, innovators and fans of digital music culture will return for this year’s second awards festivities live on October 31, 2011. The multiplatform experience will utilize MTV Music Group’s multiple screens. Fans will be able to watch the entire show live on, as well as select performances across MTV Music Group websites (,,, and In addition, there will be integration in television, mobile and tablets. This cycle’s nominees span multiple musical genres and decades and include a mix of established and up-and-coming artists.
Battling it out for the most nominations are artists that run the gamut from web sensations to pop royalty to an outspoken legend. Leading with two nominations each are Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator (Most Outrageous Tweet and Best Web Born Artist), Lady Gaga (Fan Army FTW and Must Follow Artist on Twitter), The Weeknd (Best Web-Born Artist and Too Much Ass for TV), Katy Perry (Best Lyrics Video and Best Artist with a Cameraphone), Justin Bieber (Fan Army FTW and Best Artist with a Cameraphone), Demi Lovato (Fan Army FTW and Best Artist with a Cameraphone), and Sinead O’Connor (Oops! I Did It Online Award and Best Vintage Viral Video). Other nominated artists include Cher, Nirvana, Lil Wayne, Iron Maiden, Dolly Parton, Bjork, Wayne Coyne, Scissor Sisters, Best Coast, and Big Freedia.

Fan, innovators, products, and blog nominees include Air National Guard Band “Sidewinder” for their cover of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep, Topspin’s Ian Rogers and The Hype Machine’s Arkadiy Kukarkin in the Hottest Music NILF (Nerd I’d Like to F*ck) category, Banjo Hangout and Rap Genius for Best Music Forum, Spin and WFMU’s Beware of the Blog in the Beyond the Blog category, SoundCloud and Songkick in the Best Music App category, and Turntable FM and Spotify in the Most Addictive Social Music Service category.
Voting begins today on the O Music Awards site, Each .award category features pre-selected nominees but also allows fans to write in a nominee and then rally support for them through their social graph. On Thursday, October 6, MTV Music Group will announce the fan selected nominees, who will then be added into the category.
In addition, fans can participate via the O Music Awards Facebook page, Twitt,er, and T,umblr,


Dolly Parton’s New Album, Better Day is Slated For June 28th Release

Dolly Parton‘s new single “Together You &  I” is now available for streaming on her official Facebook page located here Dolly recently debuted the single during a performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which can be seen here
Dolly Parton‘s highly anticipated new album Better Day is set for a June 28 release date through her own Dolly Records, which is distributed through Warner Music NashvilleTo coincide with the album’s release, Dolly will launch a world tour bringing her throughout America and then onto the U.K. and Europe in August and September, then Australia in November in support of the new album. Better Day is the follow-up to Dolly’s critically acclaimed and successful 2008 Backwoods Barbie album. Featuring 12 original compositions, Better Day marks the fourth release on the independent label.
Better Day

Dolly Parton Trades in Her High Heels For Combat Boots

Dolly Parton, one of country music’s greatest superstar icons throughout the world, is taking off her high heels to pose in authentic combat boots for the Boot Campaign…proving that combat boots make a great fashion statement especially when paired with sequin camouflage pants!

“So many people, regular folks and celebrities, send out love and sincere thanks to you for keeping us safe and fighting for our freedom.  Let me add to that loving list.  Thank you from the bottom of my country heart.  I will always love you,” Dolly Parton

The Boot Campaign is a grassroots initiative started by five Texas women now known as the Boot Girls, who decided to take action after reading retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell’s book Lone Survivor. It all started back in 2009 when the Boot Girls asked celebrities at the Country for Our Country benefit concert to pose in army combat boots for an online photo gallery used to rally support for returning troops. Shortly after a host of celebrities, politicians and sports figures teamed up with the Boot Girls to put their boots on for the Boot Campaign. The campaign encourages Americans to purchase a pair of army combat boots to wear in support of our troops. Proceeds from the boot sales are donated to partner charities, including the Lone Survivor Foundation.

About the Boot Campaign
The “Boot Girls,” Ginger, Leigh Ann, Sherri, Heather and Mariae from Tyler, Texas started the Boot Campaign after reading Marcus Luttrell’s book Lone Survivor. The Boot Campaign is a way for citizens to show their gratitude and appreciation for the American military. The Boot Girls ask Americans to put their boots on during their day-to-day routine to symbolically walk in the shoes of our military men and women to remember their service and sacrifice. Proceeds from the campaign’s signature boots go towards military charities supporting the needs of Veterans.

For more information about The Boot Campaign, please visit: