Dominick Dipietrantonio


Courtney Zito, who writes and direct her own web-based comedy series, Hollywood Girl, may have landed a soon-to-be music hit on her hands. Dominick DiPietrantonio’s “Only One For Me” has been running on the show for the past month, creating a buzz within the industry. Reportedly, producers from both The Voice and X Factor have been in touch with his management.

The show scripted by Zito is based on her real life experiences (both comic and blundering) in Los Angeles, in the form of the fledging character Quinn Monroe. A self-proclaimed cliché (aspiring actress by day and waitress by night), Quinn feels her dreams of silver screen stardom actualizing as a waking nightmare of never-ending obstacles and roadblocks. Broke, tired, confused and, constantly tripping over her mark, she’s literally bruised, at times self-deprecating, but delightfully determined and never defeated. With life, heart, spirit and the carefree, fun-loving support of her three best friends, Quinn looks past the setbacks and black-and-blues to see her shining star on the walk of fame, which to her isn’t too far ahead. She is determined to conquer Hollywood, but the road to stardom is full of missteps. “Two steps forward and ten steps back,” like the show’s original theme song says, “She’s there for life: She’s a Hollywood Girl,” says Zito.

Adds Dominick, “I found the show quite by accident, but immediately loved it. To tell you the truth, I came up with several possible songs for them and ultimately went with “Only One For Me.”


Dominick Dipietrantonio: Rider On The Storm

Rider On The Storm — Here’s a cautionary tale, with a happy ending. Take singer/songwriter Dominick Dipietrantonio: He first burst onto the scene several years back with one of the best indie releases in years; it drew praises for all corners of the industry. His then-PR man first gave me the disc and informed that that he was working with, of all people, drummer Dino Danelli, from The Young Rascals. I met Dom and Dino and found them to be perfectly in sync and looked very much forward to the results of their collaboration. Dino has the necessary music credentials, while Dom was youthful and just what the TV-centric audience’s were looking for. They were THE perfect match.

He even did a few gigs at a club in midtown-New York that was packed for every show. He assembled with Danelli’s impeccable taste a dynamite band and each of the four gigs I attended was simply outstanding. Then disaster struck. He and Danelli parted ways, industry-names like Liz Derringer and Susan Blond were bandied about as the new managers, and then … silence. Recently, we heard from Dom himself. After parting ways with almost everyone, Dom had succumbed to a debilitating drug habit. Hailing from Long Island, it seemed that this story was not an uncommon one in that area as the local papers there are filled almost daily with similar stories. After suffering through it … and, coming out the other side, Dom has rebounded with a series of new recordings. Dom said coming through the rabbit hole was not as easy it may sound, but, he has and that’s what is important. “I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but as bad as it got, I began to realize how good it had been. From working with Dinoto Liz Derringer (who had got him an audience with Dave Novick at RCA Records that looked very promising), he knew he was on a roll. “I’m not blaming anyone; what happened happened, but I want my fans to know that I am back on track. I’ve signed with a small indie-label and am being given that second chance. Believe me, I won’t abuse it.”