Dressed to Kill Tour

Cher Needs A Wig Room On Tour

Pop superstar Cher demands a special backstage room where she can keep all her wigs while she is on tour.

The veteran singer, who is preparing to launch her Dressed To Kill tour of North America in March (14), asks venue organisers to make sure she has space backstage for her huge collection of hairpieces, and prefers them to have a special separate “wig room”.

In Cher’s backstage tour rider, obtained by Thesmokinggun.com, staff are asked to provide a room with one large table and three chairs for the singer’s wigs, while a joint space for both wigs and costumes would be considered if they was no way a toupee room could be provided.

The Believe star requests a separate room for her massage therapist, as well as bouquets of freshly-cut lillies and gardenias for her dressing room.

She also asks for a TV showing classic movies, and places a ban on fake plants.

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Cher To Undergo Foot Surgery

Pop superstar Cher is preparing to undergo foot surgery to fix a problem that has plagued her for 16 years.

The Believe hitmaker, 67, recently took to her Twitter.com blog to tell fans that she suffered a compound fracture in the late 1990s when a piece of equipment fell off the wall of her rehearsal studio and “crushed” her foot.

Cher admits she suffers every time she slips into high heels as a result of the incident, and now she is set to sort out the issue once and for all.

She donned stilettos once more on Monday (04Nov13) for an appearance as a guest judge on a tribute episode of U.S. reality show Dancing With the Stars, but reveals she will have to hold off on wearing heels again until just before Christmas as she recovers from the operation.

Returning to Twitter on Tuesday morning (05Nov13), she writes, “Last Nite,WASLast Nite 2Wear Heels Till After Operation…Sooo…I Bit The Bullet..&..Wore Them!Heaven & pain,But Worth It… 6 wks (weeks) till I’m running around on Stilettos(sic)!”

The surgery will give Cher plenty of time to recover before she heads out on the road next March (14) for her 49-date Dressed To Kill tour.

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Presale Tickets For The Cher Dressed To Kill Tour On Sale Today

Many fans of the legendary musician and TV andmovie star have become aware that Cher is embarking on a large North American tour beginning next spring, and all of these fans can now find tickets online at TicketProcess.com. Accessing the site will allow fans to peruse a large inventory of affordable Cher tickets to shows that are going to be gigantic displays of the best that the star of the stage has to offer her adoring fans.

The early buzz is that she will play over two dozen songs during each tour dateon her 2014 Dressed to Kill Tour, and each one of them is sure to be a theatrical presentation that showcases the ageless performer in the bright spotlight where she has always put on great performances.

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Cher Likes To Bum Around At Home

Cher likes to ”bum” around in scruffy clothes when she’s at home.

The singer-and-actress dresses down when she’s relaxing at home but always puts on her most glamorous clothes when she goes out because she doesn’t want the paparazzi to get a photo of her looking bad.

She said: ”At home I don’t care about make-up, I don’t care about clothes, I just bum around in fabulous old neon workout clothes … Now it’s crazy, everyone takes your picture and in two seconds it’s on Instagram and Facebook and I don’t like that, I don’t really like that at all.”

Cher, 67, admits it takes her hours to get ready and she has a team to beautify her before appearances at showbiz events.

In an interview with UK TV show ‘Daybreak’, she added: ”Well [the way I look] is put together by five people in two hours. I’m really shy, I was so shy as a child…”

The ‘Believe’ hitmaker is getting ready to release her new album ‘Closer to the Truth’ – her first studio release for 12 years – and is heading out on her ‘Dressed to Kill Tour’ next year.

Despite enjoying a multitude of hits throughout her five-decade spanning career, Cher claims she doesn’t really like her own music.

She said: ”I have to say it and I always do say it – I’m not a huge Cher fan but I do like the songs on this album … I am happy, I have really good friends, I have great children, I love my album which I haven’t been able to say many times in my life.”

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