Duane Allman

Gregg Allman Autobiography Set To Come Out May 1

Greg Allman will release a tell-all autobiography this May, titled My Cross to Bear. The longtime frontman of the Allman Brothers said on his Facebook page that the book, which was co-written by Rolling Stone music critic Alan Light, will provide an “unflinching tale of his life on stage and off.”

The book will reportedly deal with many of the infamous events of the singer’s life, including the motorcycle crash that took his brother and bandmate Duane Allman’s life back in the 1970s. Allman’s marriage to pop star Cher will also play a prominent role in the book, along with his struggle with drugs and alcohol which lead to an eventual liver transplant later in life.

Additionally, his upbringing in the South is also discussed, offering a portrait of life in the 1960s with brother Duane.

The book will delve into the racial and cultural transformation of the time and how those transformations eventually impacted the music the Allman Brothers made.

My Cross to Bear is set to be released May 1 in bookstores and on digital platforms. In 2011, Allman released a solo album titled Low Country Blues.