Elisabeth Sladen

Doctor Who Star to Have Memoir Published Posthumously

The autobiography of Doctor Who actress Elisabeth Sladen is to be published posthumously next month, six months after her death from cancer, aged 63.
The memoir, described as “a warm and witty celebration”, covers her years on the BBC sci-fi show as well as other aspects of her distinguished career.
Former Doctor Who David Tennant has written a foreword for the book, published by Aurum Press on 7 November.
Sladen first appeared as Doctor Who’s companion Sarah Jane Smith in 1973.
Having acted alongside two Doctors – Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker – she left the series in 1976 but continued to play Sarah Jane in anniversary specials and radio plays.
The Liverpool-born actress reprised her role in the revived Doctor Who in 2006, going on to star in its CBBC spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures.
Aurum Press said her autobiography – originally slated for an April release – was being published now “with the support and participation of Elisabeth’s family”.



Elisabeth Sladen Remembered By Doctor Who Stars

Photo: Courtesy of BBC
Elisabeth Sladen, the British actress and star of ‘Doctor Who’, has passed away at the age of 63, reports the Bbc. Elisabeth Sladen joined the long running sci-fi series in 1973 as Doctor Who’s assistant ‘Sarah Jane Smith’, an investigative journalist turned time traveller.

Sladen, who died following a battle with cancer, is being remembered today by stars of the sci-fi series. Current ‘Doctor Who’ Matt Smith, who worked alongside the actress in her own spin off series ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’, said, “What struck me about Lis was her grace. She welcomed me, educated me, and delighted me with her tales and adventures on Doctor Who. And she also seemed to have a quality of youth that not many people retain as they go through life”. Former ‘Doctor Who’ actor David Tennant spoke of his disbelief at Sladen’s death, adding, “She seemed invincible. The same woman who enchanted my childhood, enchanted my time on Doctor Who and enchanted generations who have watched her and fallen in love with her, just like I did”. As well as her time on the much-loved sci-fi series, the actress also appeared in a number of plays in her native Liverpool and appeared in a pantomime production of Peter Pan in 2008-2009.

Elisabeth Sladen is survived by her husband Brian Miller, who she starred alongside in three episodes of ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’, and their daughter Sadie Miller.