Emma Roberts

Robert Pattinson’s Devoted Fans Jolt Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts, niece of Julia Roberts would have never thought in her wildest dream that not siding with Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen, will lead to her facing flak from the vampire’s fan.
Emma Roberts has been forced to close her Twitter account due to the enormous amount of nasty postings on her Twitter page by Robert Pattinson’s fans, who took to themselves to threaten her.
Robert’s fans flocked Emma’  Twitter page with nasty comments after she commented on the Jay Leno show that she was with team Jacob, saying that she invited the wrath of Robert’s fans .Although Robert did not mind it and joked about it but his fans certainly did.
Emma tweeted last on June 16, saying “Rob Pattinson is so nice! I was slightly disappointed his skin wasn’t glittering & the song ‘Wild Thing’ didn’t start when he shook my hand.”  This was a lasting parting thought after which she closed her account.
But all Robert’s fan are not happy about the news of Emma shutting down her account, some have slammed the nasty posts and some are even very embarrassed about the entire incident.
Even we believe that idolizing someone is one thing but threatening someone just because they do not support your stand is ridiculous. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so if Emma likes Jacob so be it. She should be respected for her individuality and not threatened to follow the flock.