Eric Burdon

Eric Burdon Postpones Tour Dates To Undergo Back Surgery

Today Eric Burdon’s management announced that the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is scheduled for back surgery later this week and subsequently Burdon has had to cancel more scheduled dates in 2012.

Earlier this year Eric, who has been suffering back pain for over 3 years, was forced to cancel his Summer European Tour.

It has been a debilitating situation and as a performer whose schedule has been unrelenting, Eric is excited to finally have a solution that will enable him to get back out on the road.

Eric’s surgery involves micro-decompression in the lumbar region of the spine and will be performed in Los Angeles, California. This is considered a routine surgery, however Burdon’s doctors report that he will experience a reduction in his activities during a recuperation period that can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

Management have not only postponed Eric’s live performances, they also had to postpone his new record release ‘Til Your River Runs Dry, on ABKCO until the first quarter of next year and his EP with the Greenhornes which is now due on November 30, 2012.

Eric has been touched by the outpouring of support from his fans, he appreciates their good thoughts and well wishes and thanks them for being there for him and supporting his music for over 5 decades. He can’t wait to share his new tunes with them, so look for a couple sneak peaks coming soon.

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