Ron Wood & Kenney Jones Take Over NYC To Promote The Faces’ Luxury Coffeetable Book!

By Anne M. Raso

The MAC Wire was lucky enough to catch up with Ron Wood and Kenney Jones the same week they are headed into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland. First, they did a press conference at the Broome Street Gallery where not only pics of the Faces glory days were on hand, but there was plenty of Woody’s artwork to be viewed, including some never-before-shown pieces. Afterwards, there was a no-media-invited party held in the gallery that was attended by the illuminati of New York rock and roll.

We were on hand for the guys’ John Varvatos store book signing of the STUNNING coffee table book THE FACES: 1969-1975 from the superclassy British Publishing House Genesis Publications last night. For $500, it better be stunning, but this is one of the best “rock doc” books we have ever come across and it comes in it own red drawstring bag.

As usually the case, Kenney Jones was right on time for the start of the event and Ron Wood was about 80 minutes late. Fans were not allowed to shoot Kenney–he actually said yes but the security said no when we went up to him…he actually seemed like a friendly sort. Sadly, fellow original Small Faces member Ian MacLachan was not on hand due to scheduling conflicts but hopefully will be at the Rock Hall induction this weekend.

Before Woody and Kenney started signing, the legendary Faces and Stones axeman gave some shout outs when he got to the start of the book signing, including thanks to John V himself (who was on hand) and Bill German, famous for the Beggars Banquet newsletter he singlehandedly produced for so many years and his excellent autobiography Under Their Thumbs, about his years spent inside the Stones camp. It’s considered one of the best books ever written on the band.

Guests on hand included New York Doll guitarist Steve Conte, legendary rock photogs Bob Gruen and Mick Rock, and authoress May Pang. We have to say that the guys were gracious enough to sign memorabilia and special Faces stationary made up for the promotion of the Faces coffee table book since obviously a lot of people could not spring for the book. Unusually at these kinds of events, you have to buy the merchandise the artist or author is promoting at the time. So a tip of the hat to them for that…or in Kenney Jones’ case, a tip of the HI HAT!

(If you want more info on THE FACES: 1969-1975 or would like to order a copy, go to http://www.genesis-publications.com/faces/–we hear that signed copies of this limited edition book are still available.)

(Photo of Ron Wood and Kenney Jones at John Varvatos store by Anne Raso, book cover shot courtesy Genesis Publications and Ron Wood b/w shot with his Muhammad Ali painting at Broome Street Gallery courtesy Workhouse PR.)