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The Mac Wire New Artist Pick: Tristate—Classical Meets Hip-Hop

After so many significant records last year, from Florence + The Machine, to Drake and Adele, this year starts off with an auspicious release from Tristate, called Tristate of  Mind. The first serious on-record meeting of classical and hip-hop.
The Albany, New York-native has been involved in creating his own music for quite some time garnering plaudits from several well-known personalities; he well remembers producer Rockwilder (Jay Z; Christina Aguilera; Destiny’s Child; Janet Jackson) grooving out to his sounds during a showcase in NYC.  A preview performance of the album at Webster Hall late-last year (with a 12-piece orchestra, 3 rappers and an opera singer) resulted in an immediate underground-buzz.
Early listeners have compared it to the likes of Quincy Jones, with an artistic, singular sound running through it. Tristate says he has no particular sound, rather he creates through emotion: “I’ve heard of music producers that work on creating their own sound. It is said in the music industry that you are more successful if you have a sound, which I do agree with, but, I feel that if you create boundaries for yourself prematurely, you aren’t left with much room to breathe, especially after you’re categorized by the people. I try to create art without self-limitations and allow feelings and emotions to lead the way. I read once that the biggest mistake creators make is that they judge their art before it’s complete.”

The album will be released in March. For more infomation visit: http://www.tristateinventory.com