Freddy Cannon

Palisades Park Revisited—Freddy Boom Boom Cannon

Imagine this: You had your third major hit song in 1962 (“Palisades Park”); you hold the record for the most number of appearances on Dick Clark’s late-great ‘American Bandstand’ TV show; and, your song was written by game show host Chuck (‘The Gong Show’) Barris, and now owned by Paul McCartney.

Last weekend you go to see the now, #2 movie in the country “X Men/First Class” (it has made 98 million worldwide) … and, you hear your song in it, played in its entirety!
FREDDY ‘BOOM BOOM’ CANNON is on the verge of a major resurgence, as he is completing his biography, tentatively titled “Where The Action Is,” with best-selling author Mark Bego. It is scheduled for release later this year. 
Cannon, who now resides in Los Angeles, continues to tour throughout the year.
Palisades Park